Stay Signed Into ChristianBlog.Com For Up To Two Weeks!

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

We have just added a new option on the Sign In page that will allow you to select if you want to stay signed into the ChristianBlog.Com for an extended period of time, presently set at fifteen days.

This is great for those that regularly visit the ChristianBlog.Com website on their own computer.

If you use a public computer (a library for example) or if you share your computer with a family member that is also a ChristianBlog.Com blogger, you will probably want to keep this set at "No" for all of the obvious reasons.

Please note that a few of the browsers that we have tested this on, under Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu will not allow you to remained signed into the website after you close your browser, even if you select this to "Yes" and want to stay signed into the website. This is beyond our control.

This feature obviously posses a great level of security so we hope that everybody out there will make sure that if they are using a public computer (library, someone elses computer, etc) they will set this as "No" - so the next person using the computer will not be able to access your account! But if you are like most, and visit the ChristianBlog.Com website from home, on a computer account that nobody else uses, there are very very little security risks involved in using this feature. We use it ourselves here at CB HQ!


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Now, this is something I would avail of as I pop in and out on a regular basis.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I will be using this as well. Thank you!


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thanks for this option.


Beth M @blest ·

Thank you, John! I like this option! It has worked when I come back within a short amount of time, but it has made me sign back in if I've been gone for overnight. This might be due to closing the browser as you mentioned, so I'll test that. It also (when it does log me out) has changed the "yes" to a "no". Thanks again for adding this feature!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Doesn't work for me but I know where I'm going ... or is it coming ...

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