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Hello All,

Back in the old days when a ChristianBlog.Com Member violated one of our Global Policies members had to contact Christianblog Support (@support) in order to find out why their Published Content has been suspended. Eventually we had to stop this practice as it become much too time-consuming for our Tech Support guys.

Later one we simply posted a notice that the given Published Content had been suspended by either the Community at large or by ChristianBlog.Com itself.

However we have began to receive a fair amount of complaints with the inability of our members to know exactly why something has meen suspended - understandably.

So starting today (December 10, 2009) ChristianBlog.Com will begin to provide a message with further details about why something has been suspended.

These messages will not be automated so please do not expect instant results. They will only be available once we have had a chance to review the suspended content and make a decision of whether the suspended Content actually does violate our Global Policies - and if it does when we terminate the given Content, we will include a message explaining the reasons why.

It is important for our members to remember (as we have repeatedly said over the last few years) that "suspended" does not been "terminated."

Anything that is Published at the ChristianBlog.Com website has the ability to be "suspended" by the Community at large - when they have reason to believe that something is in violation of our Global Policies. This is a core feature of our website and it is what helps make sure that ChristianBlog.Com is a safe website for everybody. When something is suspended by the Community at large, it is quickly reviewed by ChristianBlog.Com to determine whether there is a valid violation of our Global Policies or not. When there is a clear violation of the ChristianBlog.Com Global policies we take action against the Published Content and terminate it - and if necessary we terminate the members account. But should the Published Content that has been suspended by the Community at large end up not violating any of the ChristianBlog.Com Global Policies (which is less than 3% of the time), than ChristianBlog.Com will un-suspend the given Content and thus release it back into a publicly viewable status.

Please note that any Suspended Content before today (December 10, 2009) will not include a reason as to why it has been suspended. As we are starting this today, we have no information with which to fall back on in order to provide a valid reason for any previously suspended/terminated Content.

Also please note that there is no way for a member to defend the decision by ChristianBlog.Com when they Terminate a given piece of Content. We have never Terminated any Content for any reason other than a clear Policy Violation and we have no plans on starting. As such any decision to Terminate any Content that has been Suspended is final. Could we allow members to defend themselves? Sure. But it does not take much of an obvious foresight to know that "defend" would quickly turn to contentious one-way war of words (one-way because we have the clearly enforceable fact of the Global Policy on our side) so rather than play word-wars with our members, we are just going to leave the facts as the facts. Our advice is to learn our Global Policies - as you should of any website that you are an active member of.

At this time we have the ability to see the reasons why your Content has been suspended if it is either (a) a Blog Entries and/or (b) a Blog Comment - we will work on expanding this list in the future. You can access this information by going to your My Blogs page or your My Blogs page


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Hello Everybody,

When we made the change to our [blog=christianblog/major-update-of-blogging-system/]new blogging system[/blog] system last month we broke the method that we had been using to be able to desiminate out the information to our members about why their Published Content had been suspended/removed.

As of today we have re-activated this system/feature. Like before, this will only apply [i](for now)[/i] to Blogs and Blog Comments.

Thank you,

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