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Greetings Bloggers,

Over the last 24 hours the ChristianBlog.Com Services have suffered some down-time and other issues related to the down-time.

The primary cause of this was a backup power generator that failed at a very bad time. Our primary server (a computer websites run on) is based out of Chicago and the company has redundant hardware (batteries and power generators) but unfortunately the local power company in Chicago had power outages that went well beyond what our batteries are capable of keeping power to our Server. The power going out would not normally be a problem as the generators are there to power the batteries when they get low. But in this case, the power went out, the batteries ran out, and the generator blew a hose - and the combination of such resulted in the server eventually loosing power.

So that explains the outages we have been having.

Earlier today as our website was performing some tasks, unpredictable (and previously thought inconceivable) consequences of yesterdays power outages resulted in some very unexpected issues with the date/time stamps of some content submitted to the website. This very odd situation of having date/time stamps caused a number of our wall posts and blog comments to be marked as having been posted 24 hours into the future.

After hours of looking into this and attempting to find a resolution we have determined there are only two viable options for us.

The first would be to restore our database back to how it was before the power outage issues began. This would mean anything published within the ChristianBlog.Com website over the last nearly 48 hours would be wiped out. As such we realize this is a viable option, but not an option we prefer to take.

The second option is to give it another 24 hours and see if the situation resolves itself. This is the option we are going to take. What this means is that all of the content published over the last 48 hours will continue to exist. However, it will result in a few parts of our website being, well, "messed up", is really the only good term. A prime example of this is the Wall section of our website. There are a few Wall posts that got marked as being posted (what at this time) would be tomorrow, and this is causing them to be displayed before Wall posts that were posted just a few hours ago. We can only hope that over the next 24 hours this issues resolves itself.

I would ask that everybody be a little patient with us as we work through a resolution of these issues. In nearly twenty years of building and owning websites I have never in my life encountered a situation where this has happened. It was not something that could have been prevented because it is something that theoretically should never happen. However, it has caused me to put thought into how to prevent that which should not have to be prevented, to find a way to make possible that which should not be possible. We all have our gifts and one of the gifts that God has given me is the ability to make just such things possible. I may not have a solution for this in the next 24 hours, but eventually I will find a way to solve this from happening again. What happened is that the server thought it was 24 hours ahead of what time it really was, even though the clock inside of the computer knew that it was the right time. So how do you get a computer that knows it is the right time, which even though it knows it is the right time, but it tells you it is another time, to actually tell you the right time -- well, that is what I get to solve!

If over the course of the next 24-48 hours the website is not able to fix these issues with the forward-based date/time stamps I will post an update to this announcement with further information.

Thank you,
+John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com


[quote]We all have our gifts and one of the gifts that God has given me is the ability to make just such things possible. I may not have a solution for this in the next 24 hours, but eventually I will find a way to solve this from happening again.[/quote]

We celebrate your gifts John! You are a blessing.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with Barb, John!

Thank you for all that you do here at CB. This should also be a reminder to us all that we are extremely blessed that CB is not some indifferent site which is set on "auto-pilot". We are truly blessed that the owner of this site takes being at the helm very, very seriously and over the years you have demonstrated time and time again that you are very skilled at what you do.

Thank you!


K :princess:

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

I echo the above comments, and also say I appreciate all that you do to keep CB the safest and best web site, John.

May God Bless you, as you labour on for Him.

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