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Greetings Christian bloggers!

After a little over 100 hours of work we think that we have the entire website updated to our new design.

If you come across any page of the website that is still using the old design (minus the older 'community' which will go off-line at the end of the month), or that seems to not be working, please let us know so that we can get it updated or fixed.

We are really sorry that we were never able to get the last redesign working fully across the entire website and that it resulted in having huge sections of the website with two different designs for the better part of a year.

We still have about a dozen issues on our to-do-list, ranging from fixing small and known bugs to things like rebuilding the entire 'Blog Series' which is currently not available via any links within the website until it is rebuilt. We need to rethink some issues regarding the entire Blog Series features and it might be awhile before we resolve the issues and rebuild things.

Some of you might have noticed that the 'Groups' have also seemingly disappeared. The reason for this is that they have not been used, at all, in a rather long time - as in, almost a year without any major activity. We just could not see keeping them around if they are were not going to be used. In the future, if we get a significant amount of members visiting the blog on a regular basis we will put forth discussions on reintroducing Groups back to the website.

On the flip side of that, we have added back to the website a 'Prayer Needs' section, so when/if you happen to have a prayer need you can share it with your friends.

The Blog Archive also got retired. In the weeks, maybe months, ahead there are plans to have the Profile page have the ability to replicate the previous 'Archive' feature. It is a bit of complicated programming, so it is just a matter of working on getting it all finished.

The process of uploading photographs has also been streamlined and unified. No more having different uploading designs/methods in different parts of the website.

We are now also giving a lot more attention, and public access, to our 'Audio Blogs' which has proven to be a highly popular feature. We decided to make the page available to the public so that anybody that comes to the ChristianBlog.Com website can listen to blogs.

We are aware that the 'Blogs' page is taking about one to two seconds longer to load than any other page of our website. This is an issue we want to try to resolve but is going to take a few hours of work. It is mid-level on our to-do-list at this point. The cause of the issue is the 'total comments' for each blog. If we were to remove that the page would load as fast as any other page, but we know folks like to see the total comments on that page of our website, and right now we just do not have the proper way of storing that information, and thus it is taking a bit of extra time to process/load.

And up next on our to-do-list is adding the ability to edit blog comments, direct messages, direct message replies, life moments, and life moment comments. These will all be available to those with our upgraded Premier Membership.

Oh, and because of one special person out there, we have re-added the 'Random Blog' feature :mrgreen:

Thank you to all of you who have continued to visit, use, and support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry!

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