Updates: Donation Tracking, Chatroom Access, Gold Membership

We have three updates and announcements for today.

Donation Tracking:

A number of months ago we discontinued tracking pledges and donations within our members donation history. We become swamped with work and updates and we were unable to keep up on it. We have decided to change things a slight bit and give this another try.

Starting October 01, 2010 we will begin to log/record/track all one-time donations that we receive - this includes via PayPal, AlertPay, Money Orders, and Checks. What we will not log/record/track is the month-to-month Pledge Partnership subscriptions.

The vast majority of our Pledge Partners have indicated to us that they have no desire to receive tracking on their month-to-month Pledge Partnership, but they would very much like to have their one-time donations recorded. We have decided to give this a try and see how it works out.

We very much understand this request. Sometimes you just are not aware of whether your one-time donation makes it to us or not. This will help resolve that worry. We also understand that the vast majority of those who make one-time donations make larger donations that can be applied towards Gold Membership (more on this issue listed below) and by starting to track this it will help you become aware of when you have reached the required level.

Chatroom Access:

We had a number of bug-reports submitted a short time after we updated our chatroom software indicating a number of login issues when attempting to get into our chatroom. We performed some code-magic and we have gotten all of the known bug reports resolved.

A change we are going to make later this week is to make a change that will not allow members to enter/change their ChristianBlog.Com usersnames when accessing the chatroom.

Within the log-in screen (at the moment) are: (a) your usersnames, (b) your password, (c) the room to enter.

What our intentions are is to remove the usersnames and the room-select options. By doing so we will make it very difficult for members to log into our chatroom under one usersnames, leave the chatroom, and than log into the chatroom under a secondary usersname.

The reasons for wanting to do so are almost never acceptable and we intend to stop said behavior. For the rest of us, this change will also make it easier to enter the chatroom as all you will have to type in is your password.

Gold Membership:

There have been rumors going around ChristianBlog.Com that we are discontinuing the "Gold Membership" level of our membership options.

This is an incorrect rumor.

There are changes being made to our Gold Membership but it is not being discontinued.

The basics of the changes that are being made are:

, Gold Members will no longer have additional allotment privileges. This is a change that will be fazed out over the course of the next year. Some will be immediate, some will not, and some already have been.

, ChristianBlog.Com will no longer monitor member-givings for reaching the necessary level of being a Gold Member - instead members will need to request access to our Gold Members Group in order to become one, when they qualify.

, Qualification involves: $500.00 USD in total donations/pledges and having an account in good standing order.

, Gold Members who fail to maintain an account in good standing order can be removed from the Gold Membership Group.

, All new Gold Members must maintain their monthly Pledge Partnership in order to remain a Gold Member and Pledge Partner - all existing Gold Members will be grandfathered in. If a Gold Member cancels their Pledge Partnership they will loose all associated additional features that our Pledge Partnership provides.

The reason for these changes is not a simple one to explain. At the heart of these changes is that over the course of the last two years ChristianBlog.Com has undergone some major restructuring of our oversight and moderation. None of which we feel was a bad decision or change to make. The changes have allowed us to continue to advance our development to the next level. What we are now doing is another restructure of the hierarchy structure and the present format of Gold Membership no longer applies in nature to what we are looking to change too.

As a result, we are changing back (a large amount) to what the Gold Membership was when we first started it - that is, a place were our most active bloggers and supporters can gather together to discuss ways that they help take their own blogging to the next level.

Perhaps the most basic way to explain this is: we are giving back our Gold Members the ability to help them help each other, and removing from them the burden of being involved in the day-to-day facts of running the ChristianBlog.Com ministry. Gold Membership was never originally intended to be apart of any "oversight" within the ChristianBlog.Com website. Time has come to give them back their original group and release them of responsibilities that they were never intended to have to bear upon their shoulders.

We thank them a great deal for all of their ministry, time, financial support, encouragement, and continued blessings that we receive from them!! We hope that these changes will enable those of you who are Gold Members to once again be removed from a burden that you took upon your shoulders amazingly gracefully and have done without complaints or protests. It is a testament to your awesome devotion to this wonderful ministry that we have all come to love.

In Closing:

ChristianBlog.Com has continued to receive an amazing amount of support from one-time Donations -- and we cannot thank all of you who have donated enough!! We have failed on our part to acknowledge all of you each and every month, and sometimes even individually when we receive a donation - for which we apologize!

We have said it before and will hopefully continue to say it -- one-time donations and not Pledge Partnership makes up the vast majority of our financial support. This is really amazing and we are really touched by these generous donations!

Each of you know who you are - and we would list all of you here except we suspect most of you would prefer we not do so. None the less... just allow us to publicly say "Thank You!" to each of you!

For Christ's Ministry,

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]Gold Membership was never originally intended to be apart of any "oversight" within the ChristianBlog.Com website. Time has come to give them back their original group and release them of responsibilities that they were never intended to have to bear upon their shoulders.[/quote]

I am obviously only vaguely aware of how much the Gold Members do in support of this wonderful site but I am extremely grateful for all of it. My concern, John, is for you now that the support base they offer is being removed. Are you going to be okay or is there some other way in which the non-Gold Members can step up further? ... err...other than prayer!:mrgreen:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

I am seeking alternative means other than using a CB Group that was never intended to be used as such (the Gold Members Group) to handle the necessary details. It may be another CB Group or it may be something separate.

All members are still asked to utilize the Reporting system - that is not what is being changed.

Thank you,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

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