Updates to blog reply notifications

Back on the 26 of December 2017, we rebuilt the blog reply code to fix all of the known errors (a lot) that replying to a blog comment had.

A few minutes ago we just updated the way that notifications work for when somebody replies to a blog comment.

Previously, and rather annoying (for the last few years) everybody that had posted any comment and/or any reply to a blog would get an email and website notifications, even if it was a reply on a comment that you had not participated in.

Effective today, we have fixed that rather annoying notification method and now the only time a notification will be issued for a blog reply is:

  1. The blog author will get a notification
  2. The person that posted the comment will get a notification
  3. Other people that comment on that specific comment will get a notification

This change will resolve the annoyance of getting notifications to comments that you have never participated in.

Additionally, with this change, is that email notifications are no longer being delivered for these type of notifications.

Notifications for replies to comments will be issued as website based notifications only.

Thank you and sorry it took so long (years) to resolve the annoying notifications method for replies - the "misc notifications" that we introduced earlier this year made this significantly easier to resolve this issue.

Beth M @blest ·

Never annoyed me but thanks. Of course I don't get email notifications (I opted out since I never check email)

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Just an FYI: anybody on your ignore list will also not get issued a notification (and vise versa)

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