Updates To CB, January 30, 2013

Greetings Bloggers,

Two announcements for today.

The first is that we have added a new set of options for limiting the display of blogs on the home page. You can access this new feature by going to your Signin Settings page. What this new feature does is allow you to select if you want all of the blogs to be displayed (how it has always been) or if you would like to display only those blogs that have been published within the previous 24 hours, or if you would like to display only those blogs published since the last time you signed into the website. This has been a feature requested by a number of our very active bloggers to help them limit the amount of blogs that are displayed each time that they sign into the website throughout the day.

The second change is that we have changed the way that we query blogs to display if you have your settings set to only display blogs published by your friends/contacts. Previously what the website has done is build a list of all of your friends, then query each friend to see if they have published a blog recently, and if so we displayed the blog. For some of our bloggers who have hundreds and hundreds of friends/contacts, this resulted in the home page taking a bit longer to load. The change that we have made is that we now build a list of only those friends/contacts that have signed into the website within the last 336 hours (15 days). This minor change has resulted in the home page loading up to one second faster for our bloggers with a lot of friends. This happens behind the scenes and there is no configuration for this change, as there is none needed - this is a benefit for all of our bloggers with no down-side, unless you only sign into the website less than once every 16 days.

Thank you,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I really love these changes and I thank you for them. My homepage was becoming extremely long regardless of what my settings were. For a lot of people, that is not a problem but due to my disability which affects my ability to process information and makes me highly distractable, that much information was quickly overwhelming me. As someone who visits CB frequently, the new changes give me the option to make the information displayed much more manageable.

I would also like to share this tip for people who have a lot of friends and may wish to easily view the blogs of friends but then later view all blogs published within the last 24 hours. In the upper right hand corner of your blog feed, there is a little wrench or uh... spanner as some of you would say. If you simply click on that, you can easily change your settings. Just remember to scroll down to the setting page and save them before returning to the homepage. This is just a bit of a shortcut.

Thanks again, CB!


K :princess:

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