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Greetings Christian Bloggers!

Effective today (November 01, 2017) the ChristianBlog.Com ministry has updated our membership tiers from three tiers to a two tier membership, by combining together our previous two non-free membership tiers into a single non-free tier.

We are also announcing that we are drastically reducing the monthly membership down to only $3.00 per month.

It is our greatest of hope that this massively reduced monthly membership price will allow a significantly larger amount of Christian bloggers from around the world the opportunity to support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry as well as gain access to our more advanced features.

Read below for further details on these two changes!

Details On These Updates:

By combining together our previous two non-free tiered membership we have made the decision to revert back to how ChristianBlog.Com use to be, many years ago, in having a single paid membership where all of those who support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry receive exactly the same features.

Those who desire to continue their support at their current monthly level need not do anything.

While we would hope that none of our current bloggers that support at or above the previous $10 or $25 monthly levels would reduce their support down to the new $3.00 monthly recurring membership amount, the ability to reduce your monthly recurring subscription is available. It will not be a simple process however. First you will need to cancel your current monthly recurring subscription. Next you will need to return to the ChristianBlog.Com website and setup a new monthly recurring membership from our membership upgrade page.

Likewise, anybody that has a current monthly recurring subscription that would like to increase their monthly recurring subscription are invited to cancel their current monthly recurring subscription and create a new monthly recurring subscription from our membership upgrade page, so that they are using our new billing system.

Any bloggers that currently have a free membership that would like to both support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry and gain access to more features can upgrade your account from our membership upgrade page!

When it comes to features, everybody that use to be tier 1 are now getting all of the features of the previous tier 2 membership features! As we release any new features in the future that are paid-only features, all of those with an active monthly recurring subscription will gain access to the new features.

We have made a few very small changes to the features that are offered and not offered and how the membership tiers work, so we highly advise all of our bloggers/members to review our membership upgrade page.

In Closing:

We know there will be questions regarding these changes so simply post a comment to this post and we will reply, or if you would like to directly and privately contact us, you can do so via our contact page.

There are many bloggers that use the ChristianBlog.Com website, from all corners of the world, that simply have not been able to afford our previous $10 monthly recurring membership pricing, so we truly do hope that our new $3.00 monthly price will allow a lot more of you to support our ministry and get access to features you previously could not!

Thank you,

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Could very well be a good move though I do not intend to reduce my subscription .

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