Updates To The ChristianBlog.Com Services, 2013

All of us here at ChristianBlog.Com wish you a blessed 2013!

The following changes have taken place over the last few hours, as we have ushered in the 2013 new year. Please carefully review the following listed changes as some of the changes apply for some of our bloggers, and some of the changes apply for all of our bloggers.

Personal Contact Information:

On July 16, 2009 ChristianBlog.Com introduced the "Personal Contact Information" feature to our website. The "PCI" as it became known was the most secure means of allowing two people to share personal contact information with each other. It has continued to be one of the most secure means of doing so anywhere on the internet.

The feature was originally created because our website was made up of minors and adults, and we needed a way to allow adults to share personal contact information with each other, but not allow major privacy violations by allowing adults to send minors personal contact information.

On June 22, 2012, due to necessary changes to our policies, the ChristianBlog.Com announced a change to our Terms of Service that would require all of our bloggers to be over the age of eighteen. With the transition of the ChristianBlog.Com Services to an all paid website, effective October 01, 2012, our Services further came under the strict guidelines of requiring all of our members to be non-minors.

These two changes have now made the need for the Personal Contact Information feature to no longer be necessary.

Effective January 01, 2013, ChristianBlog.Com has now removed the Personal Contact Information feature from our Services.

Please make sure you read the below section on changes to our Content Policy to ensure you continue to adhear to our Global Policies. Just because we have removed the Personal Contact Information feature does not mean we have made it possible to openly and publicly share your personal contact information. There has, however, been a minor change to reflect the change away from the PCI feature.

Optional Home Pages:

For the last six months ChristianBlog.Com has allowed our bloggers to select one of two different (signed in) home pages, and older version that utilized tabs and a newer version that is must faster, presents blogs in a more streamlined manner, and provides more options to control what is displayed.

Effective January 01, 2013, ChristianBlog.Com has now removed the 'old' (signed in) home page that we have continued to offer our bloggers to utilize for the last six months since we introduced our new page.

Policy Changes:

The ChristianBlog.Com Content Policy has had the follow change:

Under the Private and Confidential Information clause, we had changed the words "our website" to "public view". This change within this clause of our policy will now allow our bloggers to share personal contact information with other members so long as it is done so within the scope of a private message between the two members. Previously this exchange of information was only allowed to take place with our "PCI" feature, however that feature has now been removed from our Services so we could allow our bloggers to share their personal contact information within the privacy of a friend-to-friend private message. It needs to be made clear that posting personal contact information (such as your email address, phone number, mailing addresses, etc) within any other section of the ChristianBlog.Com Services will continue to be a violation of our Content Policy and will likely lead to a terminate of your account.

The ChristianBlog.Com Terms of Service has had the follow change:

A new section, classified as Section number Twenty Four, entitled Arbitration, has been added.

A new section, classified as Section number Twenty Five, entitled Trial Membership, has been added.

The ChristianBlog.Com Billing Policy has had the follow change:

The statement "You hereby understand you will be billed every 1-month for continued membership until such time that YOU cancel your PayPal Subscription" has been updated to "You hereby understand and agree that you will be billed every billing cycle for continued membership until such time that YOU cancel your billing subscription"


Effective January 01, 2013 the ChristianBlog.Com Service is notifying all bloggers with subscriptions under the ten dollar a mark level that they will be required to upgrade their account to at least the ten dollar per month tier. If this creates a financial burden for you please review this announcement on how we can help you out.

Also effective January 01, 2013 the ChristianBlog.Com Service is no longer accepting any year long subscriptions, requiring all new subscription payments to be on a month by month basis. Any existing year-based subscriptions will continue to remain active but we do request that all of our bloggers with year based subscriptions to be cancel the subscription before your next billing takes place, and to switch over to our month to month subscriptions.

Update on our tier membership progress:

We had desired to have all of our accounts and all of our featured transitioned over to our new tier based membership by the end of the year. We have finished converting all of our accounts, but unfortunately we have not yet finished all of our features. This has resulted in some of our features not yet being available to our higher tier members. We apologize for this delay. It is our primary focus, and has been for the last three months, however the amount of work it is taking far exceeded our expectations. It will continue to be our primary focus until such time that we have completed the transition.

Year-End Message From The Owner of ChristianBlog.Com

Well 2012 has been a truly amazing year for all of us here at ChristianBlog.Com, both myself here at HQ and all of our bloggers! Over the last year I have received so many testimonies of what God is doing in the lives of our members that it would be impossible for me to respond to all of them. Each of them speak to my heart and I read each and every one of them.

The motto of ChristianBlog.Com is, and always has been, "A place to be blessed and to bless others" -- I have seen and heard of so many lives being blessed, that it truly is amazing.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, "you have to know when to put a lame horse down" (perhaps too many zane gray books as a child??) and as a minister in the church I was faced a few times with the decision of whether it was time to shut down a specific ministry within the church, usually because the amount of people involved in the ministry was not justifying keeping it going - many in the church often do not take into consideration just how much time those who oversee ministries have to invest in order to keep the ministries that they have going, even those times when the ministry are lead by lay-leaders. So often the decision to stop a ministry was because we felt that the low attendance was just not fair to the lay-leader investing hours and hours of their lives each week or month in order to keep it going. Sometimes, we just had to shut things down, even though it meant a ministry would cease to exist.

This year, 2012, I was faced with this decision within my own ministry. ChristianBlog.Com is one of a small handful of religious websites that I own and try to keep going. I had to make a decision of whether to shut down some, or even all, of my ministry. To keep the details brief, when the economy is ruff for the world, it is especially ruff on small ministries with very high overhead costs. The decision I made to turn ChristianBlog.Com into an all paid website, as a small handful of you know, was one of the hardest decisions of my 15+ years of being a minister. Leaving the ministry inside the four walls of the church to start an online ministry was an easier decision then the one I faced regarding the future of ChristianBlog.Com, it was a really really hard decision. I spent 6 months seeking God about direction. Once I thought I heard from God what I was suppose to do, I approach a small group of my closest friends, my family, and even some investors I have had over the years, asking them all what they thought of the direction I felt I should go. I asked all of them to also seek God for confirmation. Every single person eventually got back to me and said that the direction I felt God was saying I should go was also what they felt from God was the right direction. For some of them this was not an easy thing, many of the responses did not come back to me for another three or four months. I cannot begin to explain the relief I felt when every single response I got back was a complete confirmation to what it was that I felt God telling me I should do. So, I let the decision of God and the confirmation of my closest friends stand as evidence. I put into action the necessary steps to turn ChristianBlog.Com into an all paid website (there were changes made to some of the other ministries I have as well) with the hope that in the next year ChristianBlog.Com will be able to become a self-sufficient ministry.

I want to extend a great thank you to all of you who have become paying members of this ministry - you doing so is helping me reach that goal that I felt God saying would come, a day when ChristianBlog.Com will be able to pay all of its bills on its own, without me having to pull money from my own pocket in order to pay for this ministry. All of you, whether you are pledging ten dollars, or a whole lot more, are a part of this ministry, a part of its future, a part of its success or failure. There is very little more I can do to make ChristianBlog.Com become more popular than it already is, it is, after all, the worlds largest Christian-based blog service provider. From here out whether the ministry of ChristianBlog.Com is successful or not will depend upon those who are being ministered to, those who are receiving blessings, continue to feel lead by God to continue to support this ministry. This future of this ministry, the ChristianBlog.Com website, it truly is 100% dependent upon whether or not we can become self-sufficient on a financial level. I realize that times are extremely tough for the vast majority of our members. Times are also extremely tough for ministries such as this one. All I can do is to continue to place my trust in God that He desires for this ministry to continue on, and that those who are ministered to within this website, continue to have their hearts opened by the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

May God continue to bless each and every one of you!

Thank you,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com


John; I have had a sense of how much work, love and money you have put into this site. I expect to send you some extra offerings in the near future. I do believe in the power of words, of ideas and of how the Holy Spirit can use those to edify the body of Christ. Plus just the sheer fun of being able to communicate with like minded folks, [ well almost like minded ] so keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you with good health for all of 2013.

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