Updating Your Account Email Address

For reasons that are beyond understanding we have never had the ability to update the email address that you use to log into the website and receive email notifications from the website about new blog comments, friend/contact information, etc.

Today that finally (!!) changes!

If you are one of the bazillion people who have been wanting to update the email address for your account here at ChristianBlog.Com, here is how you can now do that:

(1) Log into ChristianBlog.Com
(2) Click on 'Account' at the top of the website
(3) Under the "Careful With These Options" section click on the "Update Your Account Email Address" link
(4) On the next page enter the email address you presently use to log into ChristianBlog.Com within the "Present" field
(5) Enter the email address you would like to start using within the "New" field
(6) Enter the password that you use to log into ChristianBlog.Com within the "Password" field
(7) Press the "Continue" button
(8) Check the email account of your "new" email address (be sure to look in your spam/junk folder if you do not see our email within 2 or 3 minutes)
(9) Click on the link contained within the email our website will send you. (It is a really long website link so be sure it is all there.)
(10) You will be brought back to ChristianBlog.Com and you should see a message saying your account email address has been updated
(11) Log into ChristianBlog.Com with your new email address!

That is all it will take to get your ChristianBlog.Com account to use a new email address!

Do be aware that we do not allow "disposable email addresses" so if you try to use services such as the following it probably won't work (trashmail.net, advicebox.com, anonmail.de, nym.hush.com, mytrashmail.com, stealthmessage.com, sneakemail.com, mutemail.com, deadfake.com, willselfdestruct.com, mailinator.com, spamgourmet.com, 6url.com, dodgeit.com, spam.la, spamday.com, tempinbox.com, pookmail.com, spambob.com, mailshell.com, tempinbox.com, spamhole.com, mailnull.com, maileater.com, shortmail.net, walala.org, ipoo.org, h8s.org, hatespam.org, oopi.org, poofy.org, scifilinuxevent.com, 2prong.com, bluebottle.com, sneakemail.com, mailexpire.com, bugmenot.com, zoemail.com, emailias.com, spamex.com, e4ward.com, gishpuppy.com, dontreg.com, jetable.org, spammotel.com, spambox.us, spamspot.com, greensloth.com, kasmail.com, wh4f.org, willhackforfood.biz, guerrillamail.com, ipoo.org, www.shieldedmail.com, we.despam.it, anyemails.com, makemetheking.com, meltmail.com) There is no need to ask us to make an acception... we won't.

We also highly recommend that you add our email addresses to your whitelist/allowed-list so that your email service provider does not consider email from us as spam.

If you can add an entire domain please use: christianblog.com

If you can only add email addresses please use: (noreply@christianblog.com) and (support@christianblog.com) as those are the only two email addresses we send legitimate email from. Any email that looks to be from ChristianBlog.Com that is not from one of those two email addresses are spoof emails and you should immediately delete them.

Thank you,

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Did it! updated my new e-mail. Good bye aol.

Thanks John :clap:


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

[quote]Do be aware that we do not allow "disposable email addresses" so if you try to use services such as the following it probably won't work [/quote]

Hey, I count on John and CB to keep me in the techno loop. I had no idea these services were even available.


Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

Disposable email?

That's a new one on me too.

Good job CB team, as usual.

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