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I try to leave the pure numbers to those who specialize in numbers - I do not - but I just checked our Quarter Growth of Q3 from last year and it was pretty amazing!

Please note that these numbers come from a third-party statical company and not our own. We do not use these stats by the third-party company for anything other than cross reference from our own statistical software. They differ in that we count every time a page of our website is viewed. These third party stats use a convoluted algorithms which highly differs from our own method. None the less, they present an amazing graph of just how much our growth has increased, even with a bad first month to start the Quarter.

Q3 2008 saw a total of 395,143 pageviews.

Q4 2009 saw a total of 562,094 pageviews.

That is an increase of 166,951 pageviews.

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Our own stats software indicates that we had 1.5+ million pageviews in Q3 of 2009 - not 562,094 pageviews - which we trust a lot more, but we do not have the pretty little graphs from our software like the one above, so, we are showing you that one instead.

We had 1,531 total members log into the website during Q3 2009. The total times logged in by those 1,531 members was 20,496.

Our (logged in) home page received 71,214 pageviews.

The two most popular blogs to drive traffic to ChristianBlog.Com in September of 2009 were:
(#1) King Xerxes and Queen Esther
(#2) Disable Internet Access in Windows For Specific User Accounts

The two most popular blogs to drive traffic to ChristianBlog.Com in August of 2009 were:
(#1) Disable Internet Access in Windows For Specific User Accounts
(#2) Quotes by Great Christian Leaders

The two most popular blogs to drive traffic to ChristianBlog.Com in July of 2009 were:
(#1) Disable Internet Access in Windows For Specific User Accounts
(#2) King Xerxes and Queen Esther

The most popular CB Group for Q3 was: Princesses of God

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Dear Friends and Companions:

These are amazing numbers. We could add many others... # of new members, the explosion of number of blogs written, readership as indicated by page views, the types of discussions that have taken place and others.

We've also seen many major changes during the past three months. Reformatting of many pages to place greater emphasis on the writings, a new chat room, cosmetic changes like the flicker (sp?), the movement up the chart on Alexa rankings. And we've obtained the new server which has allowed many of these things.

John does an amazing job! None better. Keeping this site running and working properly (for the most part) is a huge undertaking. Little changes in programming could screw up the entire site. We must be grateful for the huge staff that keeps that part of the site going. That staff would be... let's see... John and... John and ? Well, that would be John! That alone is awesome!

We've also had our controversies. Any site will. But we've survived those and continue to strengthen.

The core of the success of this site, however, is the members. Those who have supported this site in so many ways, their writings, their comments, discussions, prayers, praise reports and just support among fellow believers. My thanks to all of those who are active supporters here. You are what makes this such an awesome community of believers.

There is one place where we must step up if this site is to continue. The "Chip in" box. After a strong commitment and a successful first month after getting the new server, we fell short last month in donations to support the site and are running behind pace for this month.

I fully realize how difficult finances are these days. And I know that many of us hate to hear repeated requests for money. But it is a reality of the world. John is the spine that keeps this place together. Can we rightfully expect him to keep shouldering a significant portion of the financial burden as well? Prayerfully consider your ability to help, even in a small amount, this amazing ministry.


Art :reading:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Although I don't understand very much of this, the one thing I did understand was that the :princess: group ROCKS!!!!

And I have to agree with Art here, if we set aside a couple of quid (ok then even one dollar) a week and likened it to the price of a newspaper, it would make such a big difference to the chip in box.

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