Website Updates - October 2015

Below is a list of features that have been updated, added, and removed for the month of October 2015.

You can see all updates to the website on our website updates page, which is linked to on the bottom of the website.

PRO Bloggers:

  1. "Saved" - a new feature that allows you to keep a list of blogs you would like to go back and read at a later time.
  2. "Profile Featured Blog" - a new feature that allows you to show a specific blog on your profile page.
  3. "Dashboard" - your extended stats page, has been reintroduced.
  4. "Blog View History" - a new feature that allows you to view a history of blogs that you have viewed.

PRO + Plus Bloggers:

  1. A new blog commenting system has been developed and activated. This new blog commenting system offers a significantly faster loading of commenting, introduced a new 'like' feature, and looks much nicer - and nearly identical to the Wall. Full rollout of this new commenting system to all bloggers will take place in November.

Free Bloggers:

  1. Introduced an initial testing of "In-Blog Advertisements" which will be displayed on all blogs by those with a free account. They are placed half way through blogs of a specific length (subject to change).

Website Updates:

  1. Introduced a new "Support Ticket" system to help bloggers create support tickets.
  2. The "more" navigation now becomes "less" when activated.
  3. The Daily Bible Verse now links to the Bible section of our website.
  4. The Daily Bible Verse now uses the Peshitta translation has default.
  5. Added a "Send To Kindle" option in the "Blog Share" section of blogs.
  6. Added text to the buttons on the Blog Publish page.
  7. Massively increased browser cookie security.
  8. Added a "print" option on Prayer Needs.
  9. Group comments and replies have been increased from a maximum of 500 words to a maximum of 2000 words.
  10. Added the ability to follow ChristianBlog.Com on twitter and Apple iOS News, from the home page.
  11. Added a gender icon next to bloggers name on the Wall.
  12. Too many updates to mention when it comes to our Mobile website. Suffice to say, we fixed a lot of issues.

Profile Page:

Numerous updates to blogger profile pages have been made, including:

  1. A new "more" option that will drop-down additional options, including quickly accessing "Ignore Blogger" and "Report Blogger".
  2. Blogger Contacts navigation icon has been removed - privacy rights issue.
  3. Blogger Biography has been removed. Under 1% of bloggers were adding a biography.
  4. Fun icons on the "About Blogger" (main) page of the profile.
  5. GeoLocation flags added to the "About Blogger" (main) page of the profile.
  6. "Profile Featured Blog" - a new feature that allows you to show a specific blog on your profile page. PRO-Members only.


We are still in financial need of a new computer monitor for our CBHQ office -- if you have the means to bless us, please head over to our amazon wishlist to purchase this for us! Contact us if you have any specific questions. We were blessed to be able to purchase a new video card, but still desperately need this new computer monitor.

Thank you,
John Abela
Founder, ChristianBlog.Com

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

John, This is an outstanding list of updated features that you have done for us! I truly appreciate all that you do and am so proud to be a member of ChristianBlog. You make it a wonderful and beautiful place to "belong." Thank you!

God bless you :pray:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I figured out how to switch the Daily Bible Verse to another version thinking that would mean it would automatically default to the selected version but that doesn't seem to be the case. I mean it will show you what the verse reads in the selected version but then goes back to the Peshitta translation.

I helped work on the selections of for the Daily Bible Verses a few years ago. Knowing that people had favorite translations which they use, I tried to submit verses using a variety of translations. I also spent time trying to determine which translation seemed to best convey the meaning or in the case of often quoted scriptures (like Psalm 23 for example), a version that most people (both Christian and non-Christian) would immediately recognize.

I suppose the ability to default to a selected version on an individual basis might be too complicated but I think it would be nice if possible.

Beth M @blest ·

AWE. Some.

Do not include honorifics.

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