Website Updates - September, 2015

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

We have been slowly able to get a small amount of work completed on the website, below are those changes:

  1. We are introducing a new "Intro Membership" tier to our existing membership options. This new level of membership will be priced at $3.00 USD per month and will include two features that the free membership level does not offer: (a) the ability to edit recently published blogs - a feature currently not available due to the 24-hour restrictions. (b) the ability to edit recently published blog comments. These two options should allow those with free memberships the ability to fix typos and other mistakes within their recently published blogs and comments, and priced at just three bucks a month, it offers a great option for those not sure about making the step up to our ten dollar a month 'Plus' membership. If you currently have a free membership and would like to upgrade your account to our new "Intro" level of membership, please head over to:
  2. A new "Show More" has been added on home page so you can view an additional ten (10) recently published blogs. A highly requested feature for... ohhh, well over a year.
  3. On the home page (both visitor and member) blogger avatars will be displayed instead of a blog photograph, if any. This is something that falls into the "something we are trying" scope of updates. It might change back if it seems to not work out very well.
  4. A new row of navigation within the top drop-down "more", which includes links to: Search, Radio, Random Blog, and our online Bible.

We are still working on raising funds for new computer equipment. If you happen to have a spare $1,500 we could really use these two items.