Yearly Pledge Partner Pricing Increase

This message applies to all members who are considering becoming a Yearly Pledge Partner.

It does not apply to anybody with an existing yearly membership nor any existing monthly Pledge Partners.

Effective March 1, 2010 ChristianBlog.Com will be dropping our Yearly Pledge Partners level of: $125.00 and $175.00

This will place our baseline Yearly Pledge Partnership at $200.00 per year.

ChristianBlog.Com is, and will continue to be, adding many additional resources for our Pledge Partners which are causing additional financial costs to our on-going development expenses.

Our existing Pledge Partners have been raving about many of the new additional features we have added and many more are planned over the next year.

If you are not already an existing Pledge Partners and desire to become one, we offer both monthly and yearly opportunities.

We are able to accept payments via PayPal.Com, AlertPay.Com, check, and money order.

We are able to accept most international currencies via PayPal.Com and those unable to use PayPal.Com can utilize AlertPay.Com

To become a Pledge Partners now, before the incremental price increase takes effect, please visit our Pledge Partners details page.

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