A broken heart

How do we respond when we make a mistake? When our actions are repulsive? Ironically it is a chance to receive the grace to contemplate Jesus. Our tiny drop of revulsion is multiplied infinitely and placed upon the Lamb of God. How did God the Father let His Son take the blame? It’s placing the blame and punishment on the innocent. Only God can do such a thing. Only His Son could have satisfied this role. Only God can create such an act of mercy and perfection. Perfect justice. All debts paid at once. But when we reject this truth we let our pride and insecurity win. We keep repeating the same hurtful behavior over and over again. We let our bad habits control us. We refuse to let old wounds heal. We can choose how these circumstances form us. One option is the “Why me?” position which leads to the fortification of insecurity and pride. The other is to let our heart be broken. When your heart is broken, the Light can shine into it and out from it. Love can enter and love can be set free. Psalm 42 helps me understand this process today… and it brought forth this prayer: My soul thirsts for you my Lord. I feel my heart broken and I want to close it tight and protect myself from all that hurts me. But then I close my heart to You, oh, Lord. So let it remain broken, and open. Then You can see inside me and come inside to heal. I remember better times when Your glory shined so brilliantly that I shouted out joy and praise. But now, in the darkness of my shame and insecurity, is it all just a dream? My soul thirsts for you my Lord. Your heavenly cup flows over me gently and my broken heart aches for You. Restore me. Let me come to rest upon You. You never leave me. [img] God prepares us for greater challenges. But the internal victory must be won first. So here we throw down and let fly. Our pride, our ego… must be ground to dust. His Spirit can then fill us with divine strength and authority to slay the serpents and the demons that stand in our way. Let His glory reign. Stages of a broken heart (taken from various sources… stages of grief or recovery, etc..) Shock Denial Guilt Anger Bargaining Depression Hope Survivor



I like this blog a lot! I wish more males felt comfortable talking about issues like this but some think vulnerability is equal to weakness and thus is a topic avoided at all costs. However, the opposite is true. Emotional vulnerability prompted by dying to ego and pride is an indication of true emotional strength. It is one of the many ways that prove how our human weakness can be perfected in the power of God's divine strength. Most wives would welcome such a conversation with their husbands but see little, if any such discussions.

The heart is a funny aspect of our humanity and very hard to understand (especially of a man). We somehow think that we can make it hard and soft at the same time, open and shut at the same time. Strange, it's like saying we can be filled with love and hate at the same time. A hardened, shut, hateful heart is just a description of a broken one.

Just as emotional vulnerability is the only way to healing and wholeness of a broken heart, a healed, whole heart is the only way to show the emotional vulnerability of God's unconditional love. His love must flow thru us to others but can not flow in truth unless the heart is whole.

God's perfect love can fill the heart and cast out all fear of the vulnerability to re-break. Freedom from fear comes to those who know the Healer lives within and there is no better Surgeon than the Creator. Love without fear is perfect love.

Actually, a heart totally given over to Him can be damaged by others but can never really be broken because God keeps it whole.

A broken heart is only evidence a tender, soft heart had too much of others and too little of Him living in it.

A broken heart does not need to remain cold and hardened because of the break. It only needs to experience a miracle of healing which only the Great Physician can bring about. His healing will do its divine work completely, layer by layer. Satisfaction is guaranteed with no need for malpractice insurance.




Yes, we must protect our hearts from the world by not letting the things of the world get a grip on it. I imagine that is one of the reasons we are told to recon our old man as crucified with Christ. Our old man was weak and vulnerable to attack because it was burdened with so many hang-ups and insecurities associated with events of our lives before we were born again. Now our old man is dead, and a dead man can't be hurt, manipulated or tempted. A person can go to a graveyard and scream all the rude insults they want to but nobody is going to get up out of the grave to punch him in the nose. They can even can sit out there right on the grass with the most delicious and fragrant picnic lunch ever but no one is getting up out of the grave to ask what smells so good and if they can share it with them. That's for sure and that is how it should be with us and the world's attacks. We are now new creations in Christ responding to the Holy Spirit and our hearts and our whole being belongs to God. Those flaming darts of the enemy can't hit our hearts because they are protected by the Lord and besides we have been given a powerful shield of faith that extinguishes all the fiery darts of the evil one.

When we are standing firmly on truth, fully equipped with the whole armor of God, the devil can't get at us. His weapons formed against us are impotent and can not prosper. We are fully equipped and filled with the knowledge of the word of God.
Everything the word of God tells us to do to make us strong, the world sees as weakness and everything the world tells us to do to make us strong, the word of God tells us will only make us weak. We know the truth and we know a lie when we here it also. The world and all of its so-called wisdom is passing away but God's word is eternal!

Praise God! Nice chatting with you. Take care, brother!


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