Faith or Fanaticism? Jesus Camp movie

Came across this trailer recently... VERY powerful stuff... my question is: do these people go too far? Merriam-Webster definition:fanatic(adjective) :marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion Etymology: Latin fanaticus inspired by a deity, frenzied, from fanum temple. Our responsibility to raise our children in the faith is possibly our second most important calling (cultivating our own faith is the first). But how should we go about doing this? Do the children who pass through camps like these truly come away with a real faith experience? Does the Holy Spirit speak through these kids or are they just mimicking? Is this brainwashing or leading by the example of a faith filled devoted life? I've seen kids (and adults) react the same way at football games.... While the intentions of the administrators of such camps might be good, I question the methods. When faith becomes attached to emotion and a sense (or need) of group belonging it potentially takes on the trappings of membership in a worldly organization. The changes might come from without rather than from above. The Latin root from the word fanatic meaning frenzied is what I see in this video. Something out of control, something of the flesh and carnal. I also am troubled with the direct political intent displayed. Church and state should be separated. One of the best reasons for this is that power often corrupts and to combine political and religious power under one rule opens (and has opened) the door to many abuses. Many use this as ammunition against Christians. Please understand, I have little experience here and look forward to some feedback/education. Also this is only a trailer and not the whole film, but the trailer is made by the filmmakers (I assume) and highlights what they themselves choose to highlight. I guess the best question is: Would Jesus set up a camp like this?

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Sometimes I'm pretty sure we don't think things all the way through as christians. From a professional aspect, presentation and timing are key if you want to impact your crowd. I love the enthusiasm of the Bible Camp ideas, but that's the radical side of me. The social awareness in me wonders if this was see by a radical muslim group, would it appear to a declaration of "holy war" and like our muslim counterparts, we would appear to be using our children to fight the fight. The army dress could be interpreted very very wrong. Hmm.....


Christy Stenger @christy ·

The video had some disturbing ideas and good. That's the point where satan works. He always puts just enough truth and good to fool many. The Bible camp is good as far as kids spending time with each other from different churches. That can be good or bad. The military dress could and I say could be okay if it's just a skit but these people take the military and the church and use it for the wrong. My husband is in the military so I know what I'm talking about. I wouldnot permit this as a parent. They are teaching the wrong things and twisting the good for their own good. We are called to be witnesses and to work in whatever ministry God gives us. Your testimony will be tarnished if one does this. Our walk with God and what God has done in our life can speak louder without words and it should. We are not to draw attention to ourself because that's what the world does. I also disagree with the dress. God not only changes us on the inside but he does on the outside. These kids are going to be violent in my opinion. It's not the kids that worry me it's the weird faking adults. When the Lord baptizes you with His Spirit (Book of Acts) you will know it and the people around you and who know you will see a difference for the good. A peace will be present and you will see changes for the good. I got a evil feeling not peace seeing this. If you can't back it up with the WORD with 2-3 verses then it's false.

Debi Gerbino @dgerbino ·

My initial reaction was mixed ... both positive (in that people were trying to plant God's seed in the little children) and negative (they seemed somewhat fanatical about it -- with undertones of being forced or fake). This brought back some feelings from the church I grew up in. While their intent may be totally "above board", I fear, as Christy indicated above, that Satan sometimes uses these environments for his mission. While I'm sure that many were truly moved by the Holy Spirit, there were, most likely, also many who were just going along to feel like they were part of the group. When you have children like that, who are so impressionable ... it's hard to know if it's truly God working in them through the Holy Spirit, or them going along with the group.

Some scary stuff here ... and I whole-heartedly agree, as GreyBear mentioned, it could appear as a declaration of "holy war" by others and be easily misinterpreted - with very bad consequences.

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Interesting review about the movie from a website run by [i]Focus on the Family[/i]...


By the way, the website (Plugged In Online) is a really great (maybe the best) resource for evaluating movies.

Kellian Adams @kaili ·

whoooooooooah!! I say "that's creepy creeepy stuff ..." In 2 ways:

1- Training Children to "want more out of life" at 5 is just crappy education. Poor kids. Asking kids to accept things that are way beyond their age level, there's really no way that can turn out well. So you accept something as "rote" that you can't possibly understand at 9 years old, and then at 15 you either have no reason to try to understand for real it or you think you've been brainwashed and you reject it outright whether it was right or wrong.

2- Yet another opportunity for the rest of the world to think that Christians are insane, harmful people. "Hide the women and children! Watch more Fox25 news!"

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Jesus Camp shutdown amid vandalism, criticism, and Haggard scandal....


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