Songs of Praise 9


Why do I have to say these things?
Why do I speak these things?
With my little faith.
Yes, little faith, but faith nonetheless and it's mine and it's all I have,
So I must hold it and keep it.
Help it grow I must.

Let those with big faith, deep and strong faith speak.
If only they would speak!
And they have, in fairness they have.
The most faithful have spoken in scripture.

But now, please. Speak now!
Let the living faithful that live by faith speak now!
To all that will hear. Speak!
I shout it out but my little faith squeaks.
The shout of the deep faith would crumble me, humble me down.
Yet they speak little, they say not much.
A few words only fall from their great faith.
Their great faith silently drowns me out.


Where to find the happy man,
The truly happy man?
The spiritual man is the happy man.
Happy with nothing more than spirit,
Nothing makes him happy,
So with nothing he is happy.
In the spiritual man,
There I find the happy man.


From the eucalyptus tree,
I smell the green of leaves.
I see Your breath there in the tree,
Gently blowing breeze in leaves.

Forever movement,
Forever life,
In the eucalyptus tree,
That leaves its leaves to flutter,
In the breath of Your gently blowing breeze.

Fragrance eucalyptus,
Set free from Your wind in leaves,
From the eucalyptus tree,
That sways slowly in Your breeze.


Two brothers there,
Lying in their beds bunked upon each other.
Humid heat blown gently by an oscillating fan,
Lying still, to hot to move, to hot to speak.
Just breathing.
Waiting, eyes open, waiting for sleep.