Veggie Tales(TM) - leaving God at the door

I don't know how many of you know about the Veggie Tales(TM) series (probably most). It's Christian children's programming that is hugely poplular and has now been picked up by NBC. But get this - it's been censored. Censored! All obvious Christian/biblical content has been deleted from the program. The media will fight tooth-and-nail for their right to broadcast sex, violence and irreverence, but try to make mention of the Bible and all of the sudden they don't want to offend anyone! Gimme a break! I would have more respect for NBC if they would just not air the show at all. I could rant and rave a lot more but others have already done it for me.


Rob Henson @greybear ·

I'm very disappointed in the VT producers who allowed the compromise.
I would have been happier if they had just said no to NBC!
To many people worried about the money, I guess.


Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

GB - From what I gather they are bound by contract obligations and had no prior knowledge about what content would be cut.


Rob Henson @greybear ·


The last piece I read noted that they knew before they signed that they would have to cut them down to fit in the time slot allowed. They made a poor assumption that the VT staff would determine the cut and not NBC staff. They have been told they MUST cut all reference to God, Jesus, and all scripture references. Including the closing "and remember God loves you". I would have known better than to trust a network, shouldn't they have people with some discernment on their staff?
Anyway, like you said alot of people have already hashed this one over and over.


Karen Hoagland @philippiansfourseven ·

Last I heard on this was that NBC stated that there edits were to the beginning and end of the show for time....that they were the easiest to edit out....but both contained the Bible references. Later NBC announced that they cut the Bible verses so as not to offend or exclude anyone. However, they still plan to air the Madonna special were she wears a crown of thorns and rises up on a mirrored cross.....but they don't want to offend anyone....

Phil Vischer--Big Idea creator [url=]Phil Vischer[/url]

Thank you clayonmyeyes for blogging about this!


Rose Rich @seekinghim ·

I have heard all about this! How sad it is!!

Thank you so much for visting my blog! God bless you!!

Karen Butcher @karenjane ·


How very right you are. When parents see the good content of the Veggie Tales shows, and their children fall in love with the perfectly adorable characters and music,:dance: they will likely go out to purchase the videos and notice that some content was cut.

If anything NBC is doing itself a disservice by making themselves out to be Anti-Christian, Anti-American and Racist. The latter two by airing anything by Madonna, for she is all three. This is one of those things that will come back to haunt them one day. Some people, and television stations, need to learn that you can not straddle the fence for long.

Lets not forget that God is still on his throne and He is still in control! His message will get out there, despite efforts of any human. 😉


Emma-lea Martin @emmalea ·

Well I certainly think it's a blessing that it is at least getting airtime :) It is disappointing that some of the content has been cut, but I agree that Children will probably pester their parents and end up with the I think that Gods message WILL be spread!
I think Veggietales is a great way for kids *and adults too* to hear about the Lord. I introduced my niece and nephew to them years ago...and they think that Bob and Larry are great! My sunday school class adore the hopefully, they shows will have the same effect on otherlittle kids :-)

God IS good :)
God bless ***

Jackie Holloway @jackiehollow ·

We *LOVE* VeggieTales here (mom of 4). It's a hit with all ages, and I have to admit to being thrilled when I found out it's on TV now. I think NBC should be spanked for the way they show programs, etc. But you know, Isaiah 55:11 says that His word will not return empty. These remarkable shows will worm their way into children's hearts, and even standalone teach a great message to our children. But like many have said, this will likely lead them to the videos where they will get the full message of our Lord.


Crystal Simpson @hope9931516 ·

My boys adore Veggie Tales. I didn't realize that it was on NBC, though. We always buy the videos. It's sad that they are cutting out some of the most important parts. I think that God's word will still reach the masses, though.

Daniel Davis @fortrockdan ·

My wife and I started purchasing Veggie Tales for our grandkids in the early 90's. They were wonderful for kids (and adults). I heard that the original producers sold out to a larger business group. Can't remember the exact date. I noticed the christian content getting smaller then. This is the final hit. The secular world jumped on it because they saw money and washed out the christian content. They're still trying to market it as something relevant. How typical of capitalism.