Building lasting relationships

To be in and have a genuine relationship whether its friendship or in an intimate relationship is a treasure. I'm talking about a REAL relationship where you except them warts and all. To be there when it counts! To be absolutely confidant in each other where jealousies, ego's, and the urge to always be right would be unthinkable, even comical. We all long for these kinds of relationship whether you admit it or not. I believe GOD created us for meaningful relationships and its very difficult if we live in self imposed isolation. We were born to share life with others, as well as to give and receive Love. Relationships that are on the surface only don't satisfy this need. Unfortunately, many people never experience anything deeper. Many of us are lonely even when surrounded by many people. I believe a lot of relationships don't even start over silly fears such as, what if they don't like me?, we are completely different, we are different nationalities, different religions, he/she is dating someone, we come from different financial circles, I don't like their cologne/perfume, on and on it goes. I believe for a real relationship, a healthy relationship requires diligent work...TOGETHER! Once GOD brings two people together, the right people into our lives, we must devote time and effort for the appropriate intimacy to develop. In the book of 1 Samuel, David and Jonathan show this type of closeness, although they seemed like improbable companions: David was merely a shepherd, whereas Jonathan was a prince. But to them, status didn't matter. In addition to humility, they demonstrated great respect for each other's faith and courageous love of Israel. The two felt as committed as brothers and gave of themselves generously. For example, Jonathan gave David his robe--a prized possession of the king's son--in order to show his loyalty and love (v. 4). The prince even risked his life and reputation in order to save his friend (1 Sam. 20:27-32). How many times have we seen friendships/relationships develop through history that seemed odd. Even today! How many times did we think two people who were complete opposites have great relationships! Do you have a person like this? Someone with whom to share your joys and sadness, strengths and weaknesses, fears and pain? Thankfully, Jesus is the best friend we can have. But He also desires that we have close relationships with others. Usually we find out the person we thought we knew were completely different once we grew somewhat together.. Sometimes you discover they are Christian when you didn't have a clue, which has happened to me twice in the past two years. What a difference that makes...Amen!

Vance Breise @disciplevance ·

It's all about relationships, (everything else is just props/scenery) check out the two greatest commandments.

It takes us guys quite a while to figure this out, but women have known this all along.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You wrote:[quote]I believe GOD created us for meaningful relationships and its very difficult if we live in self imposed isolation. We were born to share life with others, as well as to give and receive Love.[/quote]

I absolutely believe this and believe many of us struggle unnecessarily because we believe that if we lean on one another it implies that we are not leaning on God. While that can be true, it will not happen if we understand we are walking with others as we lean on God. I call it "doing life together as we do life with God."

I could not have made it through the past 16 months without the people who willingly chose to walk beside me as I battled cancer. While God brought many, many people into my life to walk beside me (both old friends and new), ironically my two biggest supporters outside of my own family have been right here at CB. Yes, these two people take me "warts" and all and they know I do the same with them. Friendship is a precious gift from God. You never know who God will have you encounter and you never know where you will find them.


K :princess:


What a Friend we have in Jesus
But when we find it is difficult tt see Him in our pain and sorrow, trials and tribulations,
May we see His hand extended to us through our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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