Drinking, Drugging,.... Dining?

There are studies that show that just by simply by sitting down with loved ones on a continual basis will benefit all those involved! For me it also lets you enjoy the company of friends and those very close to you. Over the years it has finally evolved to that point in my life where I truly enjoy ones company breaking bread in a restaurant or an intimate dinner with a loved one. There is a true appreciation that I have being in ones company. Doing this and discussing Christ is even more spiritual and fulfilling while dining The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University has documented the importance of family dinners and their correlation with lessened drug and alcohol abuse. Their findings revealed that the more often children and teens eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, consume alcohol or use drugs. Compared to children who have fewer than three family dinners per week, children who have frequent family dinners are: • At 70 percent lower risk for substance abuse. • Half as likely to try cigarettes. • Half as likely to be daily cigarette smokers. • Half as likely to try marijuana. • One third less likely to try alcohol. • Half as likely to get drunk monthly. • Likely to get better grades in school. • Less likely to have friends who drink alcohol and use marijuana. • 40 percent more likely to say future drug use will never happen. If there were a magic wand that could be waved to reverse the trend of substance abuse in youth, a key ingredient would be to make sure every child had dinner with his or her parents at least five times a week. Setting aside a minimum of a half hour-an hour being better-would produce noticeable results. Personally and I believe most of us KNOW that when we communicate at the dinner table from a practical point of view we know what our kids are doing, a spouse, friend etc. There likes and dislikes, their loves, their losses and gains in their lives. They get to know you. You get to know them....Dont have Time?...Everyone is worth the time!.. Amen and Amen

Anna Jones @annajones ·

:clap::clap:Amen they are worth every min. I have a 12 yr that we eat together every night. So I love this blog... AJ

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=annajones]Amen they are worth every min. I have a 12 yr that we eat together every night. So I love this blog... AJ[/quote]
I miss when my daughters and son were about twelve...they was attached to my hip as they say!...We made pastries together and even home made pizza from all fresh ingredients, etc....Enjoy! They do grow fast is not a cliche'...GOD Bless you and your family

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