God do YOU know how much I love YOU ?

For years over and over you have blessed me.....When I was down and out you lifted me out of that isolation, that despair....You have blessed me with many friends and a family that I know LOVE me.....You have blessed me with this direction of BigChurch which I will not take for granted....You put an incredible woman in my life LORD,....How can I thank YOU?....All theses thing You have done for me and I was less than perfect in my gratefulness.....My gratitude for a job that I enjoy more than the others....Your LOVE that constantly fills my heart till my knees shake.....I LOVE You GOD with all my heart. Can You feel the LOVE I have for You?....That I cant wait to see You!.....To be in Your presence!.....To be near Your SON JESUS CHRIST whom I love Immensely.....To hold up all this to Your Glory LORD.....I, like Peter have come full circle to your Love,....NEVER to deny You again....This I pray to You GOD.....I have waited years LORD as You know for me to reach this point in my life, to feel this way....This immense and incredible feeling of LOVE I have for you My GOD, My Saviour, My Comforter, My Life.... LORD I ask once more.......Can You feel the LOVE I have for You?.....Do You Know how much I Love you?.....Do you know what You mean to me?.....Do You get weepy when I tell You I Love You?.....Is My Love Great?....Do You have dreams of me?....Do You smile when You think of me?.....Am I a major part of Your life?.....Do You want to hug me?....Please do!....I KNOW YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE YOU TELL ME EVERYDAY WHEN THAT SUN COMES UP....That everyday conversation we have!.....I LOVE YOU GOD and Your Son Jesus Christ.....Goodnight LORD, I will dream of YOU!


Amen brother! And welcome to CB!

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=cowgirldiva]Amen brother! And welcome to CB![/quote]
Thank You... Nice to meet you... .GBY

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