God protected me once more!

First my apologies for neglecting this site. Its now located on my "Favorites" bar. Its been a while since i've been here. I started a corporation last January and it has involved a lot of my time. I have expressed in the past how i feel God has protected me many times in my life. Since i was a child i have felt this. Even when i was lost. Even before getting saved! Several months ago i went to a local nationwide auto repair place to have my front brakes replaced and to check the rear brakes as well. Within an hour i was motioned to come to the bay working area. The mechanic had my right rear axle in his hands. it felt like he had my heart in his hands and asked why he would do this. He said he was being thorough. (I had a very bad gut feeling about this man but he had me right where he wanted me) I was not having issues with the rear end of my vehicle. I really didn't have much choice but to go forward with the repair. 1200 dollars later it was done. Within a month on Dec, 2nd it needed a new tire on the same axle. My plans for Christmas were to visit my parents in Tennessee. However my baby brother who is a severe alcoholic was in dire straits and so i went one week sooner. To comfort and help my parents. I went to another well known quick oil change and had it inspected for the journey of about nine hundred miles. As i was leaving Florida and heading up the Georgia highway around 8:30 P.M. it all happened. I was in the passing lane approaching 75 mph to pass heavy traffic the axle and tire came right off. I had to cross three lanes of heavy traffic rapidly and as i was looking into the right view mirror sparks were showering the entire highway. So much so it was up to the roof of my conversion van. I crossed through all lanes with many cars, large haulers, etc. I landed perfectly into the safety of the breakdown lane. I thought it was a flat tire but it felt so different this time...there was no rumbling sound, just pure metal on metal. I was a little bewildered that so many had seen this and no one stopped. Also it started like the song says "a rainy night in Georgia" drizzle, cold rain. I looked down and the entire tire was missing including the lug nuts that hold the tire. To make matters more fun my cell phone was dying which i quickly plugged in to the charger. So, there i am 400 miles from where i left and 400 plus more to go. very dark, raining, no one stopping, not knowing what city i was in and then it all happened. Within minutes the sheriif came with the fire dept. They told me their phones lit up from many callers. The Sherriff, Fire dept, and i discussed how God must have been sitting right next to me. I went from anguish to pure joy as we discussed this. It gets even better! He suggested i make a call to the closest national company that did the work and the response was awesome. The manager told me forget about AAA. We will pay for the tow to our place in Albany Georgia, setup a rental car at their expense. I had to stay at a hotel over night and remove a lot of things from the van to the rental but everthing has taken care of. My complaint though it was before Christmas and the Florida repair site wasn't doing the right thing and still are bing difficult. The claims dept. didn't give Albany the go ahead before leaving for vacation like he was supposed to. He also didn't authorize the car rental payments which was deleting my bank accout. But Georgia's hospitality stepped in once more. They gave me more phone numbers, suggestions, etc. to expedite things and it worked. I feel tremendously that powers and principalities were against me at first which was a struggle to not "fret" over such a thing as this. I feel God put these good people of Georgia in my life that handled the situation very well and professionally. This could have been so much worse! I give God all the Glory! All of it. Now its back to Florida last night i arrived and now will have to deal with the crew that started it all. The bank withdrawals have not stopped, i am supposed to hand them over the damged axle (evidence) and allow them to source out the body damage repair. I am praying on all this, will make my phone calls, and try to work this out the best i can. I don't want to lawsuit anyone, I don't! God takes care of me and i know He loves me..I have no doubts of God's love even when i disappoint Him. For Who is in me is so much stronger than who is in this world... God Bless all of you, Happy New year, and i will be more assertive of being here with you good people...Amen

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

wow amazing story of Gods hand of protection over one of His children!!

Nice to see you back at CB and congratz on the business!!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I saw you here today and I was delighted to see you back.
I Praise God with you that he had his hand on you. Welcome back .

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

welcome back, thanks for the blog, oh did i say"happy new year, be blessed my brother


Wow-thanks for sharing and may you remain well Blessed! Thanks be unto God! Dave

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