Got married to a great Christian Woman

I have been away from this website and I do truly have missed it but life has been hectic until recently. Planning a wedding and honeymoon was great but can be overwhelming. The wedding was Christian..absolutely! We used what they call a God's Knot where I hold the brass ring while the bride three colors..Gold being God, blue for the man, and white for the bride. Its symbolic of our covenant with God in our marriage...I just love having God in all phases of my life. I do miss this place and its quality people..all of you! I will be expressing myself much more in the near future because I have abandoned all other so-called Cristian websites? (unbelievable what goes on there) and will be putting all my focus here. I need to read, know, and learn anything Christian that will come from being a member here...I will post wedding pictures, and updates soon. I know I'm still fairly new here but its great to be back!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Actually I had wondered where you had gone. congratulations on the wedding and i wish you every blessing that our Father in heaven choose to bestow on you.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Good to have you back again! May God truly bless you in your union.


William Stephens @eschator83 ·

I'm very glad you found both the lady and the keyboard. Congratulations and best wishes and regards. Cling to them both, and the Church.

William Stephens @eschator83 ·

Are you doing so much clinging you can't blog? We need guidance, ya know.

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