Just shut up and be humble....James 1:19

Just shut up and be humble is the street version of James 1:19...Other than financial discipline this is the area that keeps coming back to haunt me...To be QUICK to listen, SLOW to speak, and SLOW to get angry...I work on this daily, even hourly on occasion to be wise, to be humble....TO just shut up and be humble! Lately I would be praying, all joyous, all spiritual, absolutely connecting with GOD and within minutes I would be grumbling out loud to myself over something silly...I constantly correct this with GOD's help....To bring it to HIM!...This works for me but it can be overwhelming at times to be on constant guard over this!...It can wear you out is probably over stating it but you get my point? To LISTEN?....How many of us really can do this?...I dont mean just being cordial to someone as they speak but to really listen....To really care....To not be thinking of something else as they speak....I think if you really love someone it will come somewhat naturally, respectfully...A second nature!...Listen to their heart. Seriously listen to their heart!...After everything is said and done I believe you will have gotten closer to each other. .A new understanding. .A new relationship. .Throw JESUS CHRIST in the equation and what more can I add to this! To SPEAK?...How many times have we cut some one off when they were trying to tell us something?. They are not talking just to take up time in space!. they are trying to say something...It may or may not be clear at first what they are saying but let them speak !...We want someone to listen when we speak so show the same consideration...Just letting someone speak will show you volumes of who they are, how they feel, what is on their minds, whether good or bad. When we do speak . Speak with a wisdom...its takes practice and this is where I need work...TO THINK BEFORE I SPEAK! .Countless times I have shot off expletive deletives back in my day before I got saved and wanting and learning to be a better person...Now I need to move to a higher level of speaking...To be able to speak of why I love JESUS CHRIST...To use scripture wisely !..To be more definitive...I can tell you that JESUS died for my sins. .That I have excepted HIS free gift of Salvation. That I feel The Holy Spirit constantly...But to speak it to those who don't know?...To explain it worries me and this is what Im working on ....In the meantime I know I am showing by example of how happy I am most of the time in this period of my life... Slow to ANGER....Oh Boy!...I bet I can safely say we all get angry or those who disagree with this statement get "miffed".. LOL ... As Christians we can show disapproval, disappointment, etc. But we are not to show unbridled anger. Especially around those who cant wait to say "Hey look at the hippocrite Christian?"...This is where it is not productive to not be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to get angry.... It does absolutely no good to get angry. It wont solve problems it just creates more... The worst damage is speaking out of anger and to say something that will tear at someones soul where there is no turning back!.. Apologies excepted but the thoughts will stay in their minds for eternity!.. The damage has been done. Some feel and I have felt better lashing out at someone for something terrible they may have done but that's is only temporary ... Most of the time one will feel bad and repentive about it...Especially a Christian.. Ive discovered that saying nothing when your angry will speak volumes also. They will know this! If your truly not angry and being very wise and comfortable with yourself this can disarm someone that your mad at it.. Ive tried it and it works .. But to be able to do it every time is difficult... Its one thing to test this on your children.. Its more difficult to do with it an adult who is acting like a child I will probably spend the rest of my life defining Quick to listen, Slow to speak, Slow to get angry to myself and working on these character defects of my life but I WANT to change...I want GOD to know this about me.. I want JESUS to sense this about me.. I will do this for myself ever vigilant in JESUS name AMEN

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·


Anna Jones @annajones ·

Amen and Amen ...Lord I to want this to happen in my life..

Quick to listen, Slow to speak...Let it be Lord .. Thanks for this blog .AJ

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=papillionkiller]Yet in your imperfect state made perfect thru Christ you speak great wisdom here.This makes me remember in scripture were we are told to diligently watch our path we walk.Amen!PK[/quote]
Thank You PK...GBY

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=annajones]Amen and Amen ...Lord I to want this to happen in my life..Quick to listen, Slow to speak...Let it be Lord .. Thanks for this blog .AJ[/quote]
I will probably have to refer back to James 1:19 the rest of my life..lol..GBY

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=rhennyah]As I read your blog...I 'saw' a table set with silverware:What you said in your blog...was the silverware. Tools to be used to feed not only ourselves, but others. When we set down to eat with others, to share the Word of God, we are given what we need to do so. But, it is up to us to pick up those tools and use them. Yet...how many times, have we left the table 'still hungry', because we did not pick up and use what we were given.This, my friend is a 'word from the Lord'...and one that has no time limit, no measure of being 'out-date', because as life is...we're always dining with someone, when we're a 'believer'.God Bless You In Your Efforts To Serve "HIM"~Rhennyah~[/quote]
God Bless you as well...Thank You

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

God Bless you...Thank You

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Uhhhh, sir, just who were you writing this about?

ME! I finally am learning that when I am SLOW to LISTEN and QUICT to SPEAK, I am also INSTANT and INTENSE in my ANGER.

As I learn (make that sturggle) to turn each of these rightside up, I find my life is better, and more importantly, those around me have better lives as well.

Thank you for this insight and leasson


Alive in the Word


That's why the Lord gave us two ears and one mouth. We need to be mindful of that and live according to His plan.

Ramona Meek @ilovehimso ·

This is exactly what I needed to read today. My favorite line was the title ... the straight "dope" ... to just shut up and be humble. Wow. Very well said. Thanks, brother. I'll be practicing this a little harder today. :wink:

Be blessed. Mona

Anabel Sanchez @wordsoflight ·

Your blog really stood out to me. Im going threw that. trying not to cut people off,yea its hard.But like I say practice makes perfict,I also see in alot of people,I really think its the pride we have in us,I have a friend that is an ordane pastor,that does that alot,and to tell you the truth I dont think she really listens to what I say to her,or maybe I dont say things right,and she gets other understanding from it.But I all ways have to explane my self,so that I dont offend her.You I use to think that,Pastores,and just people that God has chosen to teach the word of God had it all together.But now I see that they are just like us,trying to find there way,and in the prosses they are learning too.Thank you brother for blessing me today. God Bless You In Your walk with God Amen

Vance Breise @disciplevance ·

Just listening . . . . .

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