Marrying a Christian....Awesome!

For years I prayed and begged GOD to find and be in a Christian relationship. Finally after being in very questionable secular relationships over least a twenty year span I gave up! I prayed and fasted while writing a blog on another site for God to let it be known that if its not to be please let me know. That I will not dwell on this, to not feel bitter, lonely, etc. I would move on! And I did! I dated a Christian woman after moving to Florida which was totally new to me and refreshing to say the least. To be able to discuss the Bible, to pray together, even being able to hold the door open for a woman without getting a look like I did something wrong.. lol The first relationship was pretty good but there was this underlying feeling , that still small voice, telling me that this is a great girl but not "THE "one. At the same time I was emailing, texting, etc. to a Christian woman who I thought probably was great but we probably wouldn't hit it off. Wow was I wrong! The first relationship seemed like it was naturally coming to an end while this new woman of GOD relationship that was slowly developing just exploded! The first thing I will always remember is her smile when she greeted me. We became friends immediately. She knows the Bible, has a ministry called "After the Rain" where she helps homeless and troubled woman. I have never met a woman so in Love with CHRIST as she is. She has been single and made the same prayer that I had, amazing! Only because there are so many coincidence about her and I. She calls them Godincidences. We think so much alike its uncanny and very personal things that continue to amaze us. We also agree that God's hand is in this. We plan on getting married and are attending premarital counseling to further our relationship. She has become my friend, my mentor where the Bible is concerned, has a heart of gold, my lover, even my fishing buddy where I admit she outclasses me. God has granted me everything I have prayed for in the last three years, a great woman, a great job, I live in paradise in southwest Florida, many Christian friends, my company that just been incorporated, safety and security for my three children, I can go on and on...Seriously! God will come through for you, just trust HIM to do this for you...All you have to do is ask, pray and believe. Our GOD Is An AWESOME GOD....AMEN andAMEN


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