My Brother The Atheist... Being Saved?

Two months ago i found out my brother is dying from liver failure. He has been drinkig for years and is at his worst in health, spirit, etc. He was told if he stopped drinking he would last a year otherwise two weeks! I felt absolute conviction from the Holy Spirit to call him to beg him to accept Christ. He knew i was serious from hearing it in my voice. I have never asked anyone to come to Christ which is another story in itself. I will write later about this. It concerns Jonah. I begged him repeatly and he finally answered "Okay, i accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savour even though i'm an atheist, ha ha". This hurt so bad and explained to him that he doesn't know what he's saying. That NOW is the time to do this. I struggled for weeks, hurt, and talking to God, friends, family about maybe because he really is mentally incapable of understanding maybe with prayers he can be saved. I was getting a little panicky. There was an urgency for me. These past several weeks have been driving me crazy with him. I got a call from my family he has taken a turn for the worse two weeks before Christmas. My Mother for the first time in her life asked me to call all my Christian friends for prayer. I contacted everyone and the prayers began. She had signed the heart breaking "Do not resusitate" papers. It seemed that this is it! I started my trip from Florida to Tennesse a week sooner than planned to comfort my parents, Christmas, etc. On the way my axle and tire came off in the passing lane, spark showering across three lanes of heavy traffic which is another miracle i will write about later. But it felt like i was being attacked but also protected by God. Things could have been delayed very easily for me by weeks from the damage. But God stepped in and i was moving again towards my destination within a day. When i reached my parents house things were solemn, trying to keep an upper chin, we weren't thinking of Christmas. My Mother told me he's in a nursing home and will be going to hospice next. I went to visit him in the nursing home and felt like crying. He looked like and pardon the example but close to a holocaust victim. I was shocked and felt squeemish. I also felt a little selfish about helping him. I'm not used to helping someone in this way but again felt the Holy Spirit's conviction once more. My Mother made me trim his beard. She told me shave him babyfaced. I complained that i think he would like a goatee. I looked down and he winked at me. I found out later in his delirium he was falling for the This a my baby brother who once looked like Brad Pitt and now looks like in his eighties. I put socks on his cold feet which reminded me of the humbleness of the washing of the feet. This whole thing humbled me of which i didn't realize i was so far from. God working in me! I went to see him one more time before i left. He was looking at me like he never saw me before. Blank stare. We tried to feed him but he was getting angry at me. The nurse took over. I touched his head, told him i Loved him and left the monday after Christmas. I just got called this morning from my other brother who is still there and visiting him. He was sitting in a chair and turn his head for a moment. My baby brother had just got up and walked briskly to the restroom. He and the staff were shocked. The day before it took two people to put him in a wheelchair! He's eating like a horse, talking normal, etc, etc. He has a long way to rehab but i believe God's hand is in this. In His timing i will see. But the power of prayer, the power of God, the power of the Holy Spirit is real! The other thing about all this is the other brother that witnessed all this is atheist as well. He uses the name of "Jesus Christ" in every one of his answers which was another issue i had to deal with ALL day! It drove me crazy!!! I think God is up to something here and again in His timing not mine. I Love Jesus Christ and i learned a lot about myself these past few weeks.


Thanks for sharing brother and my prayers go out to you and your family! Very touching testimony! God Bless you and your family in abundance!

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, it's a wonderful miracle and testimony of God's healing and intervention in your family, Brother Coldapplianceman . May the Lord continue the works He has begun and will bring to completion to the day of Christ. May the Lord protect and meet all your needs. Amen :flower::flower:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

John Vorhees @john1515 ·

Coldapplianceman - I will pray :pray: for your sick brother and for your other brother for healing of all diseases including the disease of atheism. Let God arise! Lord continue to do Your work in this family so that they will all come to know You. Strengthen and encourage Coldapplianceman, In Jesus name. Amen

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Thanks for sharing's not over till He says it's over...many prayers ahead.

Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

Praise the Lord! Praying that God will continue a work in your family. Most of the time we learn more about what we need and changes that we need to make so that we can do what God expects us to do concerning others.

Jeff Perkins @senior ·

Coldapplianceman, I'll be praying for your brother's salvation. One of the things I've heard effective in witnessing to a sibling is to tell them that Heaven won't be Heaven if they aren't there with you. Usually this opens the door for a real conversation bathed in sibling love. I'll be praying. Senior

Paul Phillips @paulphillips ·

What an amazing story to read! I pray that the Holy Spirit keeps working in the way it has been for you and I also pray for your brother's health. Amen!

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