My God My Father My Son

My GOD, My Father I cant comprehend watching my son go through what Yours did.... To see HIM turned over after all that agonizing and fear in the garden to be mocked.... Insults heaped upon, flogged , beaten and spit upon.... To be stripped and have His clothes divided by cruel thugs..... Crowds screaming to crucify Him.... No one there to help Him.... To feel abandoned by His own Father, even as he cried "My Father, My GOD why have You forsaken Me".... To be brutalized as JESUS was, constant, humiliating.... For them to take it a step further by assembling a crown of thorns to HIS majesty's crown.... To go even further with nails to the body, especially for a KING...All this for our sakes?... To save us from eternal damnation!... What love is this?.. I am absolutely humbled By You my GOD, My Father. I can see now You did not keep Your Son for Yourself.... Rather You offered Him up, freely parting with Him, for our sakes.... I am more then moved by how much this act of love must have cost HIM and You! Father, This tells me You are intimately involved in our lives.... You are not just sitting there in heaven watching us with mild indifference..... You are always with us whether we are suffering or rejoicing..... It also tells me that Your desire to draw us near to You is as boundless as Your love.... Even to the point of giving up Your only SON for us. I believe You want us to trust in Your Love and provision just as JESUS did.... Even when all the evidence seems to tell us that we have been forsaken. ....You are a faithful Father and would not abandon His Children..... Your love is immense.... I can sense and feel this... I want more!... To even get knocked off my feet... Please fill my heart even more...I want more and then even more my GOD! I PRAISE YOU.... I LOVE YOU.... I WILL ALWAYS NEED YOU.... I WILL WORK HARD TO BE WORTHY OF YOU.... YOU HAVE SENT THE SPIRIT OF YOUR SON IN OUR HEARTS.... THE SPIRIT THAT CALLS OUT " ABBAS".... YOU ARE AWESOME O GOD IN YOUR SANCTUARY......I LOVE YOU GOD.. AMEN

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