My Mother, My Friend

A friend overheard me say " I'll call you later, I love you Evelyn" as I was getting off the phone. He asked who was Evelyn? I replied she's my Mother. He asked with wonder why I called her Evelyn instead of Mom. I replied because she's also my friend. Its out of respect of her when I called her by her first name. I only called her that when we got in our little debates and there have been many! She is one of the major influences in my life intellectually and we have had our head butting I do call her MOM most of the time but she knows and LIKES when I do call her by her first name. I had a front row seat watching her go through the struggles in life, being a divorced parent of five, going to college at night for seven years, pulling herself and her ungrateful brood off of the welfare system, constantly uplifting us through her tears....She is not only a great Mom but a greater person to have as a friend and she has many. I love you Mom! I love you Evelyn. I love you

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