Prayer and Peseverance

When we go through tough times and we all do you have to remember to invite GOD! Every time I was down and there have been too numerous to count I depended on GOD, through Jesus Christ. I fasted and prayed to get out of the way I was living in a rooming house in Massachusetts. For months I did this continually. I was becoming obsessed with changing my life for the better. It seemed to fall on deaf ears. In the last two years EVERYTHING I prayed for came to fruition, EVERYTHING! I sometimes disappoint myself because I do and have taken this for granted. When I do I repent only to be blessed even more. Some people just dont understand the power of prayer. Even some who know the Bible from cover to cover. I've witnessed this first hand..." I believe in GOD but"...There is no "buts" Gods own words say to test HIM on this...You will have problems, we all do..Some devastating but if you are diligent in your faith it will turn around...Let Go, Let GOD is NOT a cliche'...Stop your whining and do it....NOW! There are many scriptures as most of you are aware but how many truly use these to your advantage...To put GOD to the test as He says? They include: Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; Romans 5:2-4 (in Context) Romans 5 (Whole Chapter) Therefore, among God's churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring. May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance..James The Discipline of Prayer is the intimate pursuit and practice of the personal communication we have available between God and us. It is the spoken and unspoken confession of our Christian faith by engaging and proclaiming our complete dependence upon Christ as Lord over our lives. Prayer is not just a selfish wish list to get God to cater to our needs and whims; rather, it’s true purpose and the reason it is also a discipline is to shape us by what He has revealed, and to grow in faith, character, perseverance, and maturity. Prayer is meant to line us up in Christ and to conform us to Him, so it builds us up in Him. It makes us willing and able to express praise, worship, seek forgiveness from God, become more sensitive, confess sins, make petitions for one another, and help others to be shaped, too. Refusing to pray and not praying are opposites of God’s call! When we do not pray we are, in fact, ignoring God, thereby breaking our dependence and testimony of faith. Without the practice of prayer, we are unconcerned about God (Matt. 11:25; John 11:41; Acts 27:35), and we ignore what is most important in life and our spiritual growth. We are saying, I do not need God; thus, I depend on myself. It is more repugnant to God for those who know and have prayed in their faith but dont NEED God anymore...Its all part the spiritual warfare that continues 24 / 7 It is necessary that Christ is our object and focus; if He is not, our misguided peacefulness will be even more useless and dangerous than our prayerlessness. Deep down inside we all know this so put one foot in front of the other, cry if you have to but get up, move on and PRAY earnestly..You know it will turn out for the best if we are not complacent about our personal relationship with Christ...Do I hear some Amens?

Bunmi Salako @sent4rmheaven ·

You are definately hearing alot of Amens from me. This blog was exactly what I needed to hear right now. It is so funny because my pastor has been preaching about the importance of prayer....and you also nailed it. My pastor usually says "It is time for operation push...this is the season of seeing and believing...pray until something changes...we are in warefare...pray pray Pray". So I really thankyou for your words, I know that definately this is something that I need to be doing...and I certainly have been, but I have been hearing how important praying is right now...and after reading this...I feel God is trying to tell me something. Thanks again. Great Blog.


Amen brother! Prayer changes things. Pray and believe. All things are possible with God. It is man that limits God's potential when we are disappointed with ourselves and with Him. The power of prayer is to be experienced and not just talked or blogged about. It is true. Praise the Lord.

Alan Brown @coldapplianceman ·

[quote=ptl2008]Amen brother! Prayer changes things. Pray and believe. All things are possible with God. It is man that limits God's potential when we are disappointed with ourselves and with Him. The power of prayer is to be experienced and not just talked or blogged about. It is true. Praise the Lord.[/quote]

Thank You for your comment...God Bless

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

More AMENS from this corner as well.

In the Lord's Prayer, we are taugh to pray "Thy kindgom come, Thy will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven." Far too often we overlook that "on earth" part, looking forward to heaven. God provides not only the mana to sustain our bodies, but the Spirit to sustain our strength.


Alive in The Word :reading:

Tl Sia @doulos ·

Amen! This is a great entry to encourage prayer and trusting in God for the answer. We know He is rarely early but never late. I think another interesting thought about delays in our answer comes from the situation where Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days before the answer came to him, brought by Gabriel who was delayed by the enemy until Michael showed up to help. Through prayers we are actually fighting our personal wars to lay hold of the promises of God to us. Giving up on prayer is giving up on God and the answer that was already on its way (and perhaps unduly being held up). Thank you for this inspiring blog... God bless!

Barbara Baptist @barbarajean ·

dear coldapplianceman,

how appropriate that this is the first blog i read today! i'm in need of praying, in earnest, to the Lord. my husband was hurt at work today and he probably won't be able to work tomorrow. he fell into a man hole and banged up his leg so badly that he can't walk, so a trip to the doctor in the a.m. might be necessary also. we are self employed, so our insurance may not pay if they don't consider this an accident PLUS there is no "time off" or injury benefits that we can depend on.

this comes at a time when we desparately need to keep steady work in order to catch up from being unemployed this past winter.

i had to walk our dog by myself tonight, so that gave me plenty of time to think, ponder, pray and ask for God's help. i know He won't let me down and that there is a time, a reason, a season for everything... thank you for reminding me of that and for helping me to put God back into the center of my life.

bright blessings!


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