Shame on You?

Of all people, Charles Darwin, in his book,.. described shame affect as "consisting of blushing, confusion of mind, downward cast eyes, slack posture, and lowered head, and he noted observations of shame affect in human populations worldwide.... He also noted the sense of warmth or heat occurring in intense shame".... He certainly was science minded in all he did and said. As Christian, we probably feel the sense of "shame" more than others, certainly more than worldly atheists...For me to be worldly means lack of shame!...A new Christian states, "Shame became a bigger issue in my life after I became a Christian.... But I have learned to work through this, and release this feeling to God every day." Shame is a painful feeling caused by the consciousness or exposure of unworthy or indecent conduct or circumstances.... One feels shame at being caught in a lie... It is similar to guilt in the nature and origin of the feeling....For some of us sin became became second nature...Experienced at sin and we blush no more or we felt less guilty about it. Shame comes from being humiliated for our behavior....It is not the same as guilt.... When we feel guilt its usually about something we did..... When we feel guilty we need to learn that it's okay to make mistakes, pray on it, repent, and hopefully learn from it....Shame is about who we are!... When we feel shame we need to learn its okay to be who we are in Christ, to repent, and feel God's forgiveness. People who have been deeply shamed need to be fully loved, accepted and valued!...Talk to them!....Have them learn from your past...Your shame! The psychological message is the same..... Overcoming shame can take a long time for some people... But it is well worth it for the moment when the deeply shamed person finally says with unmistakable surprise and amazement in their voice: "You know, I really am a good person!" usually when they sense a true feeling of forgiveness. The dictionary version of Shame as a noun: The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc. done by oneself or another...A disgrace...A fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret. The dictionary version as a verb: To cause to feel shame, make ashamed. To drive them, to force them from a sense of shame...To cover them with shame. "You are a worthless weakling at my disposal" is an attitude of those who use shame to get something out of you for their own shame. When we embrace the feeling of shame without first submitting it to the test of God's truth, we easily walk into Satan's trap....Every time shame floods our hearts, we need to immediately bring it to Jesus, and ask, "How does this measure up to Your truth, Jesus?". Does this mean I just ignore the feelings of shame in my life?...YES!.. some of the time especially when the devil comes with the same old memories of past sins you have already confessed. So why do I still feel shame?....The devil doesn't give up just because you say "No" one time....He keeps coming back with the same feelings with the same old movies of your past failures....He may give you a rest for a few days, or weeks, or even months, then he starts in again. Why does the devil keep coming back with the same old memories? He wants to destroy your joy and peace today. He's hoping that you will believe your feelings instead of standing on God's truth.....The key to your victory over shame is not some huge spiritual battle with Satan, with demons flying all over the place....Our victory is realized in fixing our heart on following Jesus, one day after another.....Every time the shame floods your heart, you need to bring it immediately to Jesus, and say, "How does this measure up to Your truth, Jesus?"....If it is related to an old sin that you have already confessed, then immediately reject the feelings of shame, and fix your eyes on Jesus and step out in His freedom, His peace, and His joy...."There is therefore NO condemnation in those of Christ Jesus"..James 8:1 We can go on forever on the subject of "Shame"... there are very good articles out there on many aspects of the subject and many different opinions both Secular and Christian. From a Christian point of view I have, albeit secretly, have many times prayed to God to have someone feel shame to help correct their behavior or wrongs they have committed.....(LORD let them feel shame!).... I'm talking about "shameful acts"...The last time I have done this was watching a broadcast of Gays parading down the street doing what they do in their parades....From even a Secular point of view how am I to take a cause seriously when you have a couple acting like they are in a bedroom right out in the street....Absolutely no shame to speak of!...I wondered if the gay couple that were acting decently in public trying to be respectful acting and looking, to demand their respect felt this way...Were they ashamed of the ones performing sexual acts in public?....How can that be taken seriously?....Or is it their shame that doesn't see the other's shame....This is also a subject that can go on forever in a debate!....Some would feel I am being insensitive just by writing this...I'm not!...I'm not ashamed to say I wrote this!...That I'm not ashamed to feel this way! I have prayed for loved ones to feel shame as a learning experience, never do it again!...It's a great teaching tool especially as a parent....I believe GOD gave us "Shame" for this very thing!.....For correcting us....To feel what someone feels that you have done wrong to!...To feel GOD's disappointment. Although its less frequent (Thank You God) shame still comes and goes in my heart and is a great reminder....If I don't feel shame on something seriously , it is a good indicator I have a hardened heart....Shame can be a good thing!.....When we talk about that small still voice is when we usually will hear the volume turned up with the Holy Spirit!...I feel repentive, I feel alive, I truly feels GOD's presence!...Although its an admonishment , it is GOD and it feels good to me that He cares enough to correct me....That He took His time to talk to me in a gentle way versus fire and Like Peter I was ashamed and or afraid to say I love Jesus Christ in public.....That is gone and pray I never do that again....I LOVE JESUS CHRIST with all my heart, mind, soul, strength, tears, joy, and wonderment.....I feel ashamed for feeling ashamed...Oy Vey! Very important is when as Christian we are a walking pointing finger to someone's SHAME!...And this very fact makes us hated by some who just by their hatred tells me they have something to be ashamed about....We don't have to point it out!....They just know by their shamefulness....GOD Bless Us ALL

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