Swearing in Jesus name!!!

I fully understand when one says that we can offend God's senses. I don't mean to be a snob but when i'm in a room and someone says "Jesus Christ" as in being angry, bothered, or just as their reply to everything is drives me crazy. The closer i get to God and i have tremendously this offends my senses to the very core! I brought this up probably more than a year ago and the advice was to say "Is LORD!". I felt this was pretty good advice and use it. I think sometimes secular people knowng i'm a Christian say this in their responses thinking its a good thing to say the name of the Lord in this manner. I have tried correcting people on this and you know how this ends...the look of ("What a phoney Christian, hypocrites!, all of you" ) on their faces and words. Recently, i have been going through this from very close people i love tremendously. All day long..."Jesus Christ" this and "Jesus Christ" that..All day! At the end of the day we were searching on the TV menu for something to watch when a program scrolled down i believe was called something like "God vs. satan" . I said lets watch that! The reply was with a strong negative answer. Haven't you talked enough about the Bible today?!!! The answer was "No, i haven't mention the Bible once today and you brought up the name of Jesus many tmes where i had not mentioned His name once" I pray for change and thats what we are supposed to do. So what does one do next? This really hurts me to the very core and i feel so defensive of Christ more so now than i ever have in my life and i really could use some real advice with prayers of course. I also feel God put me in this situatuaion this past couple of weeks for a reason which always get an answer but sometimes being in God's timing not mine i can get a little frustrated, then calmed by the Holy Spirit. Maybe this is where i am to get an answer. I love many but the many are lost and i feel like i said previously that i feel God put me there for a reason. It hit me like a ton of bricks where i feel like crying is how the gate to heaven is narrow. I've never even thought about this subject. It just hit me hard and it saddens the life out of me that many will truly be left behind and many WILL be going to hell of which is a subject that most avoid or convinced themselves that it doesn't exists. The latest advice was to yell "Halleluah" loudly (spellcheck please, lol) along with "Is Lord". The Holy Spirit has quieted me on this as well. I'm not going to change the world, my family, my friends. I was told to be "in Christ" in all i say and do. My behavour will be my example of my happiness with Christ. And i should know better because i have written blogs where i explained that close family and friends would get mad at me for NOT getting mad in many situations they witnessed on the streets north of Boston. His will not mine!

Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

That really bothers me as well and to be honest the only thing that I want to do is lock myself in my house and let the rest of the world just pass on by but I know that I can't do that... ...that would be too easy and who would preach to these lost people. I guess we will just have to grin and bear it. [well maybe not grin]

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

getting ready to eat dinner and go to work. this is the first blog i've read since this morning. i'm relating to you well my brother even when i'm around other christians in church.. i just "hum" the beatles song in my head"let it be".. be blessed and happy new year


Thanks for sharing of this Brother! Sigh. As you said-His will! God Bles you in abundance! Dave

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