The Beatles....John Lennon

If I had to pick who was the biggest influence on me growing up....It was the Beatles, in particular John Lennon!....Going all the way back to when I was a child like a lot of us....They shaped my whole life and mind in that culture of the sixties along with all the radicals.....I was naive to say the least!....I liked the "Weather Underground", people like Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, anyone who shook up the system....I was a bleeding heart Liberal Democrat who had a crush on Gloria Steinham, a major "now" girl and Angela Davis of the "Black Panther Party".....I am now a staunch Republican....No comments I always had GOD on my mind but thought I was closer when I was stoned!....Everything seemed more alive when I was stoned but quickly started showing its ugly face over that period in my life of the late sixties and early seventies where violence seem to be more pervasive.....From flowers to punches and hospital visits! There were great times of course...When that short period of time being a "flower child" was awesome to me....Everyone getting along!...We would share everything!...And I do mean everything!...I had hair down to my belt line.....Gentle people sharing Hope and Love....No mentioning of Jesus!.....Wow was I NAIVE' When Chapman was asked why he killed Lennon part of his answer was When he read a song written by Lennon call "I dont Believe" the "GOD lyrics" is when he snapped!...He had had enough of John Lennon especially denouncing GOD, denouncing JESUS....So began his little plane trip onto the world stage into destiny. The strange part about all this is that is exactly when I turned my back on Lennon....When I read those lyrics!...It was a gradual thing but he lost me as a devout fan.....When he got killed my phone rang off the hook.....All my friends and family knowing what a Beatle fan, a Lennon fan I was couldn't wait to tell me....And of course a very close friend who was a devout Rolling Stones with laughter in his voice....He always had a sick sense of humor!...I'll never forget it! Its not so funny how we change our thought processes in our lives hopefully in the right direction....I feel I have.....From Lennon to JESUS.....How I'm back to that gentle "flower child" feeling again.....This time I'm doing it right....No weed!...Just JESUS Power....(Laughing) All you need is LOVE, Love?....Power to the People baby?.....All we need is JESUS and all the power to GOD......Amen

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