The stirring up of my family (an update on my atheist brother)

Recently i blogged about my atheist brothers. Well today i discovered more change. My mother expressed to me my brother who is making a fast comeback beating all the odds made a dumb remark about God. My Mother's faith has always been private. Rarely showing her thoughts and beliefs in my lifetime.She explained to me she "blew up!". She informed him that MANY of his friends, family, and an army of prayer warriors via faceplace, my Church site, etc, etc. have been praying for him. That God did this! She admonished him more of his selfish attitude. She stated that he sat up there in his bed completely stunned. Nowhere to run with a look she said he never had on his face before. For me and you not knowing my brothers this struck me so funny. In a happy non disrespectful way...funny! You have to know my brothers to understand why i laugh. Its a picture for me of two men trapped in the hills with no choice but to face God. To face Christianity. To face my Mother..laughing The next stunning thing to me besides never seeing or hearing her defend God in this manner my entire life she told me she was praying for God to take her instead of her son! I tried to comfort her but the words just didn't flow as to what to say to her. I told her she did the right thing (praying) and i'm glad she is publicly speaking of God. As i hung up thinking about all this is it came upon me something that somewhat hurt. She never mentions Jesus. Except in the wrong responses with the "Jesus Christ" this and the "Jesus Christ" that (forgive me) there is no talk of Him. I stated before i think God is working in my family, in His time, in His will, not mine i pray this is the next step. My other atheist brother has made the decision to move there in the upcoming month. Right smack in the middle of Tennesse Hills of Bible Belt Country... Laughing I have prayed for my family for a LONG time and i have a realationship with God, with our Lord Jesus Christ, and have connected ever so closer to the Holy Spirit. God makes me smile a lot. God makes me laugh a lot which so many close friends and family don't understand. I know He is up to something and its going to be a good thing... God Bless all of you and I love Ya!


Thanks Brother for sharing this candid bit! Yes-His time! Will continue to pray for you and your family! God Is truelly amazing! Dave

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

God does most definitly move in wonderful ways, and he has heard your prayers for your family. I don't need to tell you that The Spirit of God will in His time convict your family and cause them to make a decision.

keep on praying my friend, for the prayers of the faithful cry out to God day and night, and in His time he will cause a stirring in your family.


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Coldapplianceman , no one knows the ways of God, and how He has touched theirhearts even before you knows about it. God definitely works in mysterious way. Glad to know that things are going the right direction that can lead them to the Lord's fold.:dance:

I pray that the Lord will complete what He starts to do in your family and will complete it in the day of Christ. May the Lord visits their hearts and speaks of His glory to their innermost being.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

Thanks for the update... ..i will continue to pray... .God is always up to something!

Ana Frankel @pearl7 ·

Apparently God is drawing them to Him! I prayed for your family and will continue to uplift you all as I am led. This reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3:6 "I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth." Be encouraged!

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