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Deuteronomy 31:27 (NIV)
For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are. If you have been rebellious against the LORD while I am still alive and with you, how much more will you rebel after I die!

It just happened that I am reading the Book of Deuteronomy and the Book of Jeremiah as part of my daily reading. It so amazes me to see the warnings and the curses called out in Deuteronomy coming true in Jeremiah.

Lord says through Moses that after they occupy the promised land overflowing with milk and honey, which I give them, they have their fill and then they will move away from me to worship other gods. Then I will turn away my face from them and then from their failures that will realize that they are failing because the Lord our God is not with us.

When I read through Jeremiah 24, Lord shows Jeremiah "Two Baskets of Figs" and through those the Lord's reveals His plans for the people. Good figs represents the people He will take them out to exile and will bring them back to the promised land after they grow closer to God. But the Bad figs stand for the people on whom He will send sword, famine and plague against them until they are destroyed from the land He gave to them and their ancestors. These are the Israelite who entered the Promised land, whom Moses called as rebellious and stiff necked. But God through the course of time separates the Good and the Bad, and He has different plans for both of them.

God created us and brought us into this world, He blessed us, but then when we learn about our selves and become so self centered. We become rebellious and stiff necked, but then God turned His face away from us. We run into troubles and failures. But then when we realize and we search for God and come back to Him, then He again establishes us in His Blessing.

God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but then they were rebellious and stiff necked and did not obey God, and they were sent out of the Garden. But then through Jesus Christ He reestablished our inheritance in Heaven and the relationship of Mankind with God in His Goodness. Though we are in Exile now, God will bring us back to our Home in Heaven through our Faith and Trust in His Plans through our Lord Jesus Christ. We have to hold on to it even during the tough situations in our lives. The strength to hold on comes from our Lord through Prayers and Obedience to His Love.

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