A letter to God

Sometimes I feel like a kid and want to write a letter to God, asking the questions whatever I dont understand and telling Him how it feels deep in the heart.

God.. there are many things on this earth I know I dont want to carry to my Grave. When I look at the end of the earthly journey, which is the grave and I think how do I want me to be in the grave. I am sure I dont want to carry my hatred, grievances or my failures to the grave. I want to carry love, joy, peace and victory to my grave. God.. when I close my heart and look deep inside me I know the hatred, grievance and the failures that I hold in my memories. They are painful, I really try hard to get away from them. God.. please help me with creating good memories.

God.. you make me wonder how complex and difficult our realtionship is, I know that you love me so much and you discpline me and stop me from doing many things. But at the same time, you expect me to climb big mountains saying that though u are weak I can give you the strength to climb them. I know that only by being in your shade and in your protection I am safe. But still you make me walk alone and say I will come to you. People who look at me think I am strong and knowledgeble, but I know who stupid and ignorant I am.Without you I am nothing, but still you dont let me accept my nothingness, because you love me. And I will never want to be nothing, because I love you some much and will never want to lose you.

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