A life decided by People's Prayer not by our needs

Our lives are mostly lead by our needs, but most of our Spiritual turning points happen because of the needsand Prayers of someone else. As we walk on the road we chose to go to places based on our needs, but all of a sudden when someone who is in need of help comes into our life, it takes turn, Now the life is not decided by our needs but by the Prayer of someone else. We realize that may be we were not accidentally walking through the path, it was God's plan to lead me all the way so that He can anwer someone's Prayer. Most important events in my life has been influenced by someone's need or Prayer. It is so important that we have people who will Pray for us. Even our being alive today is driven by someone's Prayer, we might not know who it is but still there is someone Praying to the Lord for us.

My journey into the Christain life is an answer to someone's Prayer. The people around us play an important role in helping us realize God's presence. We by our Prayers and needs influence other people's life as well. This dependency of one another makes our lives interesting and always gives us the oppurtunity to Praise God. No one in this world id designed to be self sufficient. We have to be with others to really see the Presence of God.

The relationship we hold with the Lord is something that we share with every individual on this earth. And when we spoil my relationship with someone on the earth, it directly impacts my relationship with the Lord. The goodness of Christ in us helps us to brighten the lives of others, but at the sametime when we deny or refuse to respond to the Prayers of another person, we hurt Jesus Christ we are sinners who Crucify Him on the cross again.

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