A new me for the new world.

Though I have relocated to many places for work in the past, this is my first experience when I am coming back to the same place, same office and same home community in Bellevue after 3 years of being in various places like LA, NY and Brentwood. In the beginning, my mind was so filled with the memories, people and incidents of the past. I used to feel it very hard and it felt as though I am still fighting between the past and the present. But then slowly God helped me to be the new person, instead of trying search me in the old memories. The new me wins the past.

When God put into my mind the whole Biblical event of the old heaven and earth will pass away and the new heaven and earth coming in. I felt so amazed. Just in this small place where I come back after 3 yrs, I see so many changes, many people whom I know are not there any more with the same company, they have moved on. There are many people whom I know, whom I am able to meet, but still they have changed and their way of life is different. But still people remembered our old friendship and happy lunchtime togather. Met new friends and new Church groups and made many new friends. I have changed, I have better knowledge and understanding as compared to what was before.

When I look at all these, I feel so amazed by the thought that one day I will die and go to my longest sleep. And again after many many years I will come back to this Earth but it will be new. I will still be me, nothing changes in me. I love God, I praise and worship God. Look at the changes that are in the Earth and Heaven, which I have known through the Biblical Revelations. Many people whom I know I will be happy to meet them and we will Pray and Worship togather. God will assign me duties to do. I will remember a few people whom I might not be able to see, because they are somewhere else.

God is already preparing us to be the citizens of the new Earth, as we are in the old Earth. He is making us aware of Him, His Spiritual existence, His plans, His Kingdom, the worship that happens to Him in Heaven, His enemy, His love for us. How are we expected to be as His people, to be Holy and Righteous, which we are through the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ today. He teaches us to obey Him and His commandments, carry out His duties, to fight against the enemy, by resisting him.

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