A scream that saved my life

On the day before Christmas Eve, I got down from the cab and was waiting to cross the road, suddenly I heard a loud scream, and I turned to my side, saw the back side of the cab from which I got down moving backward toward me, immediately in a fraction of a second, I took a few steps back, and watched the car complete the reverse and move forward. I looked behind saw a lady who screamed and I thanked her and I crossed the road.

All this happened in a few seconds. I am still figuring out how much I have to be thankful to the Lord and to the lady who screamed. Actually, the lady looked more terrified than me, as she was envisioning the what if part. It is such a mercy of God that He saved me from the danger. After all that I have been through with my foot this year, my gratitude towards this saving power of God, is unexplainable. It was kind of a shock to me as well. But still it makes me feel more Blessed, and the hope that God is compassionate towards me, to save me from being hurt.

Glad that I am completing this year with all my gratitude and thanks giving to the Lord for all the Healing grace that He brought into my life. This incident makes me feel His love and message that I am truly precious to Him that He is preserving me and protecting me for His purpose. Now with this loving kindness from the Lord it makes all the more merrier and happier, when He enabled me to share the Joy of His love with others. It is not only my feet, this whole life that I am living is His Grace. It makes it more meaningful when He acknowledges it, and feels like He says me "You belong to me" and "You are Mine".

As I move into the New Year and into His plans, it feels good that He gave me this oppurtunity to complete my this years list of blogs with a Praise for His Saving Grace.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Dear me, how wonderful that God used this womans scream to protect you.

Beth M @blest ·

Praise God!

And, no guarantee that was a woman!

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