Abba Father, I want to come back.

We are so much used to living in the miseries around us, that we dont realize that we have to leave these and go back to God, our Father. The pains, the sufferings, the poverty, the hunger, the thirst, the loneliness, the faithlessness, the selfishness, the egoism, the competitiveness, the comparisions, the discriminations, the harrassments, the cheating, the sufferings, and all possible miseries around us are so painful. We are so used to living in the middle of these and fighting, thinking how to save and protect ourselves from being hurt in the middle of these miseries. Our mind, body and soul is all so busy with our poverty and misery. By poverty I am the Spiritual, Intellectual and materialistic poverty.

We dont find time to step out of our poverty and stand up and look to God and say "ABBA FATHER.. I WANT TO COME BACK TO YOU".

How do I come back.. HE says "I am the Way.. the Truth.. and the light.. " We all know this.. but looking back at us and what are doing.. are we still sitting in our miseries and poverty? Are we walking in the way that Jesus showed us? Unless we let the miseries and poverty go, it is not going to go away from us. They are going to stick to us, because we are sticking to it. We have to claim our relationship with Jesus so we can let go the poverty which we are holding.

Like how the Blind man let go his blindness, when Jesus told him to. Like how the lame man let go his lameness when Jesus told him to do so. We have to let go our identity, our timid self, when Jesus is calling us. We have to stand up and let go the dark powers of depression, ego, comparison that we are holding to which is keeping us in poverty, by claiming our son ship in the kingdom of heaven in Jesus name.

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