Adapting to this rapidly changing world.

Thanks be to our God who keeps us in hope and safety in the midst of all these rapidly changing environments and decisions around us.

Being someone who reads the chapters from the Book of Revelation everyday, I should not be surprised by the climatic, the political, the economical changes happening all around us.

These changes impact our lives in every aspect of our lives. The media and the smart phones make these impact much more rapid in the society than what it would have been ten years before.

The changes, the decisions and the impacts are so fast, so big and so fast. It gives people a very less time to be prepared for the upcoming.

When I was reading about the low temperatures during the arctic blast, I was wondering, if such a blast would have happened decades back, when there was no much media and weather forecast, people would not be so much prepared and in shelter as it is today. The number of deaths it would have lead to might have had been much bigger than this. Even today, in spite of all these technology growths we have earth quakes and tsunamis which happen around the world taking thousands of lives around the world. But at the same time, there would have been millions of testimonies on how God worked in people's lives in saving and rescuing them.

As someone who is aware of the Judgement of the Lord and His coming, there is no question on why this is happening. But only filled with awe and Praise to the Lord who is keeping us alive and in Hope in the middle of all these hardships we face.

When I look at the lives of the immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, the life has been a challenge because of the violence and the struggles that they go through. They try to run away from their misery but still they are restricted and denied the peaceful life that they are looking for.

Thouggh it really feels very hard, but God works in ways and His plans to protect His own and His Angels and His army is always on guard in protecting His Children and blessing them with the Peace which this world cannot give. It is His word that keeps us alive and in hope in the midst of these changing environment around us.

Keeping our eyes fixed on Him and to walk in the direction He is showing is very important. Holding on to His Grace and unwavering in our Faith will keep us strong in Him, till we claim our victory in Heaven. In Jesus name. Amen.

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