Am I Building my Faith or Faith is Building me.

When I started my journey of Faith, I was investing my time in building my faith by increasing my knowledge of Christ, by reading Bible and trying to correlate and understand it. Being part of various fellowships and meeting more and more Faithful believers in Christ. Serving the people around me and trying to express my thoughts and ideas to validate if they are right. Being part of Praise and Worship groups to move more and more closer to the right Faith of Christ. Faith is a never ending story it started years before I was born and will continue years after my death as well. I am a tiny speck in the whole story of Faith and creation, and for me to understand all of the Faith is next to impossible, except for the fact that I believe in Jesus Christ who has been since the beginning of the world and is eternal.

It started as a Discipline, slowly it became my habit and now it slowly changes to passion. Feeding my Spiritual Being has become a habit and routine like, how I feed my Physical Body. At some point my Physical body used to fast, read and discipline itself to support my inner being of Faith. But now as I grow up, I feel my Spiritual inner being is supporting my physical body.

Earlier my Faith was shapeless and my self was trying to shape the Faith by disciplining it, and feeding the right content. Now after so many years, when I look at myself, I know that it was vice versa, my Faith has shaped me, my faith has made me a different person. I would not call that I am good, but still I know I am closer to what really want to be.

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