Are we becoming like children or vice versa.

Jesus Christ says unless you become like these children you cannot enter the kingdom of God. When I sit back and think about this, it really amazes me if we are required to become like children to enter the kingdom of God, then what are we teaching the kids? Aren't we supposed to be learning from them? I really feel the kids know God better than the one who is teaching. Because most kids have an uncorrupted inner being and a clear conscience, which is nearer and closerto God.

But for some reason we seem to be going in circles, no matter what and how we teach, the kids grow up with a self image and get into the worldly troubles. They spend so much time in life fighting with the self image and correcting it with the image of Jesus. This is the path that the whole world seems to be taking and for so many years. I always look at the teenagers and think, couldn't this person been better. I would be glad if I come across someone who really tells me, that he or she has had the perfect relationship with the Lord since childhood, and as a teenager and as a grownup, has been able to live a satan free life on earth. May be someone like Mother Teresa might be able to say that.

When someone who does not know Jesus and who does not have anyone who can teach them about Holy Spirit, or Prayer, or about resurrection. It is understandable that they go through lots of trials in life and they really finally find someone who can open their spiritual eyes (eyes of their heart) and show them that Jesus is the Lord.

But if someone who knows Jesus from childhood and is attending the classes, is baptised and is confirmed, but still is going through the same hurdles in life to finally find out about the existence of the Holy Spirit, and the true Lord and His love for them, is difficult to understand.

I keep wondering if the pathtaken by the child who knows Jesus as a kid and the child who does not know Jesus is the same, then what difference does it make? Why is it so difficult to build a flawless future for our kids which is free from the attack of Satan?

I would not say that the sufferings and sin is the only way to come closer to Jesus. I hope there is a better way to build a better foundation.

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