Are we fighting for it or against it

Our love makes us fight for something, while our insecurities makes us fight against it. We have to be careful and watchful to see if we are fighting for what love and whom we love and holding on to it. But when satan brings in the insecuties inside our mind, we start defending ourselves and start to fight against what we really love.

It is a calling for me, to step out of my insecurities and to hold on to love of God. This life in face Philosophically is so full of insecurities, things are changing, life is not stable, people are mean, we live among mortal people, relationships break. All these which happen around us, lead us into insecurities and pushes our soul into the dark pit. It really makes us feel our life is not worth living. It makes us turn our faces from the love of God. It makes us to hate ourselves. It makes our hearts feel so dry and lonely like a dessert.

My insecurities in many instances as a child and as a grown up, has made me throw away somethings that I used to hold near and dear to me. It makes me fight with the people who I love, and makes me move away from them.

This happens with God as well. The biggest realization or the repentence I had in my life was the realization that I was fighting against God instead of for God. I was against the life that He gave me and I was doing things that will harm me. Because of my insecurities I was running away from the blessings He gave me. I was infact scared to hold the blessings that God gave me because of the fear of loosing them.

But then when God through His mercy revealed His love and His presence. And revealed a purpose and a beauty in the life He has blessed me with. God through His Son Jesus Christ and His love on the cross, revealed to me and taught me How secure are His promises. How faithful His love is? How much He love me and cares for me?

Can I hold on to His love and walk out of my insecurities? When His love and spirit comes in the insecurties go away. This is a walk which I do everyday when I walk into the world holding on to His love like a baby holding on to a father's hand.

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