Are you waiting or moved along

Move along is the way of the world, but waiting is the way of the Lord.

The solution for hardship is to move along. If you have an issue with your Boss, just change your job. If you have issue with your spose, just move on. If you have issue with your health, just take pain killers and move on. Tired of your life, move on try another way of life. Move on has become a MOTTO. If someone does not want to move on, but hold on, they are looked at like fools or conservative people, who do not know how to live. This "Move on" is making this life so dynamic which is unstable, unreliable and exhausting.

Yesterday I was reading John's Gospel Chapter 6, multiplication of the loaves. When Jesus Christ saw multitudes of people coming towards Him, He did not get super excited and saw this as an oppurtunity to start preaching them. He looked at them and He asked His disciples, from where do we get food to feed them. When the disciples said they had no money and did not have enough food for them. Jesus Christ did not move on, He did not change His plans, He took what was available the 5 loaves and 2 fish, He distributed that to the people, who ate their fill.

When I broke my foot, the suggestion people told me is to go back to India to be with your parents, go to your sister's place in Tennessee where you can get some help. But to me this is where God placed me, this is work which GOd has given me, does God really want me to move on?

Moving on is not a solution from God. God did not solve Abraham's need with a foster child or a child from maid, instead God gave them the Issac. God did not want Isrealites to keep moving on with their faith, following worshipping idols, offering sacrifices to false gods, instead God gave them Jesus Christ.

God wants us to wait, not to move on. Wait in the same position and situation, do not keep moving or changing. Because When the time arrives, we may not be in the position to accept the Blessing. Also, obey what God told us to do when we are waiting. God is fighting for our victory. He will not let us down. He will make us Strong and Soar like an eagle. God provided me and still is providing me my needs in the place where I am. I will not have to move on, He is my strong Hold.

God moves His people to better places, like from wilderness to Canaan, from this World to Heaven, which come in the form of victory.

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