Being a Child of God

My days are usually busy running around with calls, meetings, escalation, and many other challenges. Last saturday one of my friends invited me to an event in His church, which had something to do with Sunday school. Though I don't take part in Sunday school, I felt instead of sitting at home, let me attend this. I went there and as I was seated there is in the session for "Children's ministry training". As they were teaching on the topic of telling a Biblical Story to Children, I kept wondering, how different is it from my daily life. In way I was questioning myself, what am I doing here? This was no way related to what I do on a daily basis, nor do I have any idea on if I will ever be even doing the Children's ministry, which is kind of very far from my daily routine. But still I really felt happy about the sessions, the techniques thought were not limited to the Children, it is more applicable for the grownups as well.

But then as I was thinking what is my next blog, I felt I need to explore my heart to find what it has to says about the Children's ministry.

In reality, as a child I never had the opportunity to go to a Sunday school, my relationship with the Lord started very late in my life. So I really have no clue about how it feels to be in a Sunday school and to be able to learn about Him ad His love as you grow up, and how does it feel when you always know that His care is there for you, how does it feel when you know Him not through your own understanding but from the understanding of the teaches who play with you and they teach you that the Lord Loves you, that your Lord is strong. How does it apply to your life as you grow, what happens to whatever you have learnt as a kid, and what happens when you one day feel that your God is alive and real.

To me all these are unknown to me. But still I felt, I wanted to explore my heart to see what it has to say, about being a Child of God.

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