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Racing with the time all day long to keep up to the speed to meet the timelines, has never been my habit or way of life. In the past, I always used to have lot of free time with no much dependencies, so I used have the luxury to have a relaxed schedule. But now with my decision to have a home which is about 90 miles from my work, makes my schedule so packed. I have to race with the time from the morning when I wake up, till the night when I go to bed.

By His Grace, I am able to manage this much better than what I thought I would potentially do. When I thought about moving from my Apartment in Bellevue, to our new home near Olympia. It felt happy, but this commute of about five hours everyday is not something I could think about. Also, though I have my driver's license, I am not a frequent driver, I chose to use the public transportation. This is good, because firstly I don't know how it feels when someone has to drive so far everyday. Second, it gives me the personal time to read or write or do what I want to do.  

I Praise and Glorify Him, He has been strengthening me and leading me to be able to take care of my responsibilities well. Praise Him for my health and healing, He has brought through His love and care.  

In this schedule, with very minimal free time, I feel my Bible readings are more effective as compared to what I used to before, due to the fact that I really value the time and Grace to spend time reading the Bible. Though things have changed, schedule has changed but I don't have the feel to go back to the old life again. It feels a lot more different to lead a life with belonging, than to live in a world in which we don't feel, the sense of belonging.

As I am going through this transition in this way of life, it is hard to write down. I don't have the time to contemplate and think through what I am going through, its kind of past and I have to be in par with this, which I know I am doing that well so far, with minimal free time. I love this community in which I can testify of His Grace and His love and mercy to us. I really missed the time I could sit back, contemplate and write about all the good He is doing in my life. It feels good and I could feel His Spirit leading me and guiding me, otherwise with my own strength it is not possible because I have rarely been a morning person, who would wake up before the sun rises. Now with winter, it is going to be bit more challenging. But still I continue to Pray for His guidance and Presence to lead me through. Sometimes when we look at the sun, the moon, the earth and all the stars created by our Lord God, they keep going on for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, billions of years. Sometimes some routines are planned for ever, and God just helps us to be who we are called to be in Him. Praise Him and Glorify Him in Jesus amen. Amen.

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