Being in serious relationship with God and His People

God is not an illusion or a dream or mythological hero or a substance like air or wind or water. He is real and He looks to have serious relationship with us.

He is real, as real as my parents or my sibling or any one around me. He lives, He talks to me, He cares for me, He guides me. He wants me and you to take the relationship with Him more seriously. Every commitment we have, every promise He has for us, every word He has spoken to us, is all to be taken seriously. God's plan for me is not just limited to me. When He plans for me He is also working in the lives of the people around me, He is working on every person who knows me, people at my work, people in my family, people in my community, people in my friends circle. Though the promise He has for me He is planning to touch many more future generations to come. He is working seriously towards the salvation of the people. His intent for the promise He has for me is the salvation of many people. He is really doing very serious work, in my life and through my life. My life in Him is not a dream. It is a real work for saving millions of people from the hands of Hell.

Am I taking this relationship seriously? Am I coming back everyday after my work to the cross and asking Him to fill me with His love, joy, peace, gentleness, faithfullness, self control, goodness, kindness and patience. Am I seeking His ways for the peace and wellbeing of the people around me? Am I doing my best to bring in the Joy into the lives of the people around me? Or Am I confined to the fear, anxiety, hatred, selfishness which the world around me has put inside me? Or Am I looking and approaching this world with the new confidence, hope and trust, which no human being can bring but only the Lord can bring. Am I the messenger of the courage of the Cross in the world.

From the time I am awake to the time I get to sleep, God is watching me and wants to have a serious relationship with me. A truthful, trustworthy, and faithfilled relationship. Am I taking that relationship seriously and am I comitted to doing what He wants me to do? Am I really holding on to the Word of God and His commandments? Am I shaking and oscillating from my commitment?

God really wants to have serious relationship with us. Look at Jesus and the serious relationship He had with God till the cross oand beyond. God looks to have similar relatioship with us. He will not let us down. He will hold us safe through the valleys of death. Am I ready to walk acorss the valley of death, holding on to Him, so He can save millions around me?

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This is a very good challengingin blog thank you

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