Being struck in your problems.

Being struck in a problem and its emotions is a bigger problem than the actual problem. The longer we are struck in the problem, the longer it takes anyone to come out of the problem. Sometimes we get so much engorssed into a problem that we just forget our original nature, the natural Joy and Happiness with which God created us. We keep remembering, panicing and afraid of the problem and the consequences. We think we are not ourselves after that problem. It makes us loose trust in who we actually are. Being struck in a problem hinders our future.

"It is an emotion" my friend said. Very true. Anything that happens in our life or our sorrounding which impacts the inner being of us leads to emotions, sometimes we get addicted to these emotions, our mind keeps leading the inner being into such kind of emotions, as it gets addicted to those emotions. The lifestyle of the person gets changed to being with circumstances and people who can lead them into the same emtions. Our problem stirs up emotion inside us which keeps moving inside us like a wind, and slowly become a hurricane or a tornado, which can destroy our feelings and our well being.

Sometimes we just get into believing that these emotions are our spiritual guides. These emotions that are hidden deep into our heart, stirs up desires which are harmful to our body, mind and soul. Jesus Christ came to deliver each one of us from these emotional bondages as well. It is very important that we open our hearts to the Lord so He can heal and deliver us from these emotional strong holds. We have to repent and surrender our heart to the Lord so He can Heal us and restore us.

Sometimes people who have been through difficult times, get more weaker when the same emotion comes back again, it stir up the memories of the past emotions as well which leads the soul into misery and hopelessness.

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