Beyond the sky

God has kept before us an open door, which we all know about and we believe that we will get past the door one day. But till the time comes the door looks as far as sky to us. Sometimes in our lives there are situations that are surrronding our lives, and we have promises from God which are guiding our lives in the direction to our destiny. But to we reach our destiny and overcome the situation is a walk carrying our Cross.

Jesus Christ showed us the way to get past the SKY and go into the HEAVEN.

We are Believers are called to go Beyond the SKY.

Abraham had a situation of being childless, but was called by God to have offsprings who will be as many as the stars in the sky. Looking from the Present situation of Abraham to the Future looks like a Blue sky, where He has no clue of which way to go. But still God lead him through the open door to be what whom God destined him to be.

David had a situation of being a Sphepherd, but was called to be King of Israel. Again it is wide blue sky where it is difficult for a human mind to understand the path and how it will happen. But God opened the doors and made him reach his destiny.

In every individual's life there is a future which on thinking what and how, looks like a wide blue sky, but still Jesus Christ has His plan well laid out to take us through the clouds and beyond the sky. It really takes lots of Faith and Hope and Commitment to Lord Jesus Christ to walk past what looks as far as the SKY and totally impossible for the human being to reach with our own capacity. Jesus Christ can make it happen. He Loves us and He will lead us to Destiny and Victory. In JESUS name. AMEN.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

This was very uplifting and encouraging

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

That is our hope and journey said very well.

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