Blessed to get Spiritual food

In alignment with the food trend where I am asked to choose my Carbs, my Protien and my Veggies, I have made it a habit to make sure that my diet has provides me all the required forms of energies. In the past I used to eat some food to satisfy my hunger, sometimes it is only rice, sometimes it is only egg, sometimes only veggies, sometimes only cookies or muffins or donuts. It was all fine till my body started working eratically, when I would feel tired not able to wake up, not able to fall asleep in the night, not able to be active at work, acidity, bloating, not able to eat. But then slowly I started learning about the food that I am eating to fix the gaps in my diet, make sure that I eat sufficient quantity of what is required. Eat rice or bread, veggies, Banana, milk, add to fresh ground pepper to food which is antioxidant, add little jaggery which aids digestion, include butter which slowly makes my body get all the essential nutirents.

As I was setting up my breakfast I was thinking of the source of these foods, they come from plants and animals. Plants get their nutrients from from soil, and it transforms to fruits or grains. This gave me a chance to be excited about being special among the creations. Of being a human being who gets Spiritual food from God. We are the only blessed beings to be made in the image of God and also carry the Spirit of Christ. Now to maintain the body that God made out of dust we eat food that is provided by the plants to keep it healthy. At the same time we also hold the Spirit of God, and we eat the Spiritual food that comes from God to keep our inner being healthy.

This inner being comes from Jesus Christ and it will go into heaven to be united with the Lord from whom it started, but on this earth to doHis work we live as a combination of the Perishing Earthly body and Unperishing Spiritual body. When our duty is accomplished we leave the perishing earthlybody and we become the Unperishing Spiritual Body on His day of coming.

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